Weekly 50X50 draw

Be sure to sign in every week for the 50X50 Draw! Here’s how it works: there is a jar by the bar, and a notebook by the jar. Chuck a Toonie in the jar, and print and sign your name in the book (no-one else can sign in for you). Each Thursday, a name will be drawn from our list of paid members. If it is your name, and you signed in that week, you win half the contents of the jar. If you did NOT sign in, you win NOTHING, and the money is carried over to the next week. The pot continues to grow each week until a name is drawn and the person is signed in.  In the event that all  draws have not had a chance to sign in (storms, holidays, etc), the draw may sometimes be postponed to a second week. Sign in each time, and spare yourself the anguish of having your name drawn, but not being able to bring home the cash because you didn’t sign in!

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