Cornwall hosting Junior Mixed this weekend

The PEI Junior Mixed, for mixed teams age 20 and Under, will  take place this weekend here at the Cornwall Curling Club, with eight teams entered in the age 20 and under division. The 15 and Under division will not be held this year, due to insufficient entries.

The teams are divided into two pools, and will play a round robin, with a “modified Page” playoff where the top teams from each pool will square off in the Page 1 vs 1 game, and the second place rinks will play in the Page 2 vs 2 game. The winner of the 1 vs 1 will advance directly to the final, while the loser will play the winner of the 2 vs 2 in the semi-final, with that winner moving on to the championship game.

Team Rosters (skip to lead, coach(es), club(s)):

Pool A

Shawn Pitre, Katie Fullerton, Noah O’Connor, Chloe McCloskey, Cornwall

Matthew MacLean, Amanda MacLean, Jeffrey Taylor, Aleya Quilty, coach Glen MacLean, Cornwall/Maple Leaf

Tyler Smith, Kassinda Bulger, Eric Pidgeon, Emily Gray, coach Peter Pidgeon, Charlottetown/Silver Fox/Maple Leaf

Christopher Gallant, Emily Keen, Andrew Cameron, Emma Matheson, coaches Derrick Cameron and Peter Gallant, Charlottetown

Pool B

Carolyn Rose, Alex Sutherland, Leah Deveaux, Taylor McInnis, coach Bryan Sutherland, Cornwall/Montague.

Spencer Pitre, Sarah Fullerton, Connor MacPhee, Michelle McQuaid, coach Angela Hodgson, Charlottetown/Cornwall.

Marshall Smallman, Veronica Smith, Kevin Gallant, Sabrina Smith, coach Paul Smith, Cornwall and Maple Leaf

Cody Dixon, Heather Drake, Dylan Lowery, Danielle Collings, coach Valerie Collings, Montague

Friday round robin draws are at 3 and 7 pm, with the final round robin draw getting underway Saturday at 11 am.

Tiebreaker and/or Page rounds go at 3 and, if necessary, 7 pm on Saturday. In the event that two tiebreakers are needed, the Page 2-2 game would take place at 8 on Sunday morning. The semi-final goes Sunday at 11 am, with the final at 3 pm.

Here are the round robin draws:

Friday March 18, 2011 at 3 pm

Shawn Pitre vs Matthew MacLean, Tyler Smith vs Christopher Gallant, Carolyn Rose vs Spencer Pitre, Marshall Smallman vs Cody Dixon

Friday March 18, 2011 at 7 pm

Carolyn Rose vs Marshall Smallman, Spencer Pitre vs Cody Dixon, Shawn Pitre vs Tyler Smith, Matthew MacLean vs Christopher Gallant

Saturday March 19 2011 at 11 am:
Matthew MacLean vs Tyler Smith, Shawn Pitre vs Christopher Gallant, Spencer Pitre vs Marshall Smallman, Carolyn Rose vs Cody Dixon.

Complete draw and results available at

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