Reminder of AGM and Awards Night Friday at 6 PM at the Club

This is a reminder that the Cornwall Curling Club’s Annual General Meeting and Awards Night will take place Friday, May 11, beginning at 6 pm, here at the Club. All members are encouraged to attend. Click to download the draft minutes from last year’s meeting, for approval at this year’s AGM (PDF, 516K)
Here is the full winners list for the season’s draws.
The winning teams will receive gift certificates, courtesy of our generous sponsors.
Sponsor: Chandlers Cabinets & Millwork
Draw 1 – Angus Kennedy, Ann Doucette, Brian Trainor, Des Nantes
Sponsor: Griffins Service Centre
Draw 2 – Jack Ferguson, Angus Kennedy, Monique Gauthier, Noel Mal
Sponsor: Cornwall Save Easy
Draw 1 – Bob Fowler, Donald Weeks, Tony Turnball, Harris Ford
Sponsor: Cornwall Save Easy
Draw 2 – Lorianne Davies, Donald Weeks, Tony Turnbull, Dave Hunt
Sponsor: New Glasgow Lobster Suppers
Draw 3 – Lorianne Davies, Melody Beck, Tracy MacDonald, Lynda Turnbull


Sponsor: KFC

The overall Tuesday night winner this year was the Bill Hope team of Bill, Craig Mackie, Matt Smith and David Murphy.  They won 14 of the 16 games they played.  Second place goes to the Jeff Taylor team of Jeff Taylor, Alex Sutherland, Alex Jenkins and Jonathan Schut, winning 13 out of 17 games.

For the final few nights the following teams went undefeated and pick up a prize from the sponsor Kentucky Fried Chicken as well:

Teams Smith, Taylor and Currie(Karen).  Team Biagé filled in to make 8 teams and also went undefeated.

Wednesday Afternoon Daytime Competitive League
Sponsor: Lance”The Iceman” Lowther
Vern Chowan, Marg Stewart, Pat McCardle, Jean Anderson

Wednesday Evening Ladder League

Round one, sponsored  by Howard Johnson Dutch Inn.

A Pool winner: Paul Neima, Kevin Arsenault, Mike Lafontaine, Dwayne MacNeil

B Pool winner: Joerg Soltermann, Lew Black, Hans Wicki, Dan Delaney

Round two, sponsored by Don Lowther Snow Clearing

A Pool winner: Paul Neima, Kevin Arsenault, Mike Lafontaine, Dwayne MacNeil

B Pool winner: Bob MacWilliams, John Berry, Roy Coffin, Jim Farquharson
Round three, sponsored by Clyde River Golf Course

A Pool winner: Gordon Peters, Hank Kamphuis, Gerald Dykerman, Pat MacInnis

B Pool winner: Bob Fowler, Paul Durant, Jamie Ballem, Alan Acorn
Round four, sponsored by Chandlers Cabinets & Millwork, and Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

A pool winner: Bob Fowler, Paul Durant, Jamie Ballem, Alan Acorn

B pool winner: Greg Groves, Winston Taylor, Donald Weeks, Frank Weiler


Draw 1

Sponsor: Quartermaster Marine

6PM -Diane MacKay, Gordon Canfield, Frank Martin, Valerie Taylor

8PM -Russell Boyle, Frank Weiler, Stephen DeGrace

Draw 2

Sponsor: Abegweit Outfitters

6 PM-Myron MacKay, Andy Nicholson, Marjorie Matthews, Richard MacKinnon

8 PM-Matt Hanus, Leita Chisholm, Stephen DeGrace, Helen Verhulp

Draw 3

Sponsors: Pizza Delight, Cornwall Auto and Tire

6 PM-Myron MacKay, Jack Ferguson, Ann Doucette, Marlene Proude

8 PM Matt Hanus, Jenn Hanus, Alan Craswell, Kathleen McCaffery


Congratulations to all our winners!

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