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Weaver II

After three years of using the “iNova” WordPress theme on, it’s time for a makeover. The site has now been redone with the “Weaver II Pro” theme, which includes nifty transparent backgrounds over pictures of the new clubhouse and the opening ceremonies of our co-hosting of the national The Dominion Curling Club Championship in 2010, and lots of customization options.

The feature I am most excited about, as more and more members access the site from smartphones and other mobile devices, is the theme’s ability to adapt to the screen size, and put up a nice menu that is easy to use with the smaller screens, as well as reformat the content to fit the smaller devices. There is also a “Full” button that appears on the small screens and will let you show the site in full screen mode, and a “Mobile” icon that will appear on the full site to go back to “Mobile” mode. The site will also look nice on wide screens, too, with the background picture filling the screen on wide monitors such as the 27″ iMac screen.

The access to viewing our news items via Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed, and email subscription has also been made easier from the website, with icons for each available on the header on larger screens, and links on the main page on smaller devices. Over the summer, I will be working on more tightly integrating our Facebook and website comment systems, so that (if it all works!) comments posted on one will appear on the other. The Cornwall Curling Club website has been pointed out by the Canadian Curling Association as one of the best curling club sites in Canada for keeping its Facebook page updated regularly, and we want to continue this trend!

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