Drop-in curlers welcome!

Drop in curlerAlthough we’d REALLY like you to join our Club, we also welcome “drop-in” (non-member) curlers, particularly in our 10 am weekday draws, where teams are made up as players arrive, and also as spares in our other draws. If your spare is a Club member, they don’t have to pay anything extra, but, if your spare is not a member, they are required to pay a “drop-in” fee.

If you don’t have the time to curl here regularly as a member (or are just in town for a few days), and show up before a draw, there is always a chance that we can find a spot for you. If you are able to curl for one entire single-entry draw session (six or seven weeks), we may be able to fit you in, too, as sometimes a member may know in advance that they will be absent for a particular draw – contact the Club Manager. In all these cases, “drop-in” curlers (or their skips who contacted them) are required to pay the drop-in rate at the bar before going on the ice, and skips are required to let the bartender know that a drop-in spare is being used.

Drop-in rates are $10 per game for ALL adult curlers for both evening and daytime draws (this is an increase from last year on the daytime rate), or $5 for juniors, taxes in. For those who “drop-in” frequently for the daytime draws, a pack of 10 drop-in fees is available at a discounted rate of $80.

The 10 am daytime draw, where teams are made up each day as players arrive, is a special case. Club members regularly in the draw have discs that they drop in a cup labeled with the position that they want to play. Drop-in (non-members) for this draw are required to obtain a chit for this purpose from the office by paying the  drop-in fee. It will have their name on it, and will be turned in by the drawmaster to the office after it is used.

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