Internet Explorer 7 and 8 problems with website

We have recently revamped our website to work well with mobile devices and tablets, to automatically adjust to various screen sizes, and to work with current versions of all common browsers, including Internet Explorer 9, and recent versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. We have received accolades from a number of people who are happy to have a mobile-friendly site. We have, however, also received problem reports from a few people who are still running Internet Explorer (IE) versions 7 (released in 2006) or 8 (released in March 2009), and are experiencing problems with the site. We have now tested with an emulator, and confirm that there are problems on these old versions, and we will work to try and resolve them. However, this may take some time, and you will undoubtedly experience problems with other sites, too. We strongly recommend that, if you you are still running IE7 or 8, you upgrade to IE9 or to another browser, such as Firefox, which you can download from

Post last modified: Oct 26, 2012 @ 11:15 am

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