No Guardian on Wed. Here’s the Ladder League draw

The Guardian is not published on Remembrance Day, so our Ladder League draw won’t appear in it. Here is is. Of course, you can also check all our draws in the Draws section of

Note that the Club will be open, but there is no Daytime League draw or 10 am Drop-In curling, because of Remembrance Day. Junior practice, evening draws go as scheduled.

Lowther’s Snow Removal Ladder League

Week 3: Nov 11

6:30 pm B Pool

Ice 1: Bob Fowler vs Valerie Acorn

Ice 2: Booked for a team practice

Ice 3: David Younker vs Gord Peters

Ice 4: Greg Groves vs Lew Black


8:30 pm A Pool

Ice 1: Ray Biagé vs Mark MacDonald

Ice 3: Donald DeWolfe vs Kelly Watts

Ice 4: Paul Neima vs Robert Thibodeau

BYE: Jeff Taylor

RemembranceDay2009005Remembrance Day in Stratford, 2009

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