We’re #NotaSportsBar! Cornwall, other #curling clubs concerned about huge @TSN, @Sportsnet fee hikes

Curling clubs and other licensed establishments with liquor licenses and seating for 100+ people are being hit with huge cable TV increases of about $3,600 a year in order to continue to show TSN and Sportsnet  — channels which feature our favorite sport, curling. As a small, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, we can’t afford these exorbitant fee hikes from cable and satellite providers such as Eastlink and Bell Aliant that are being passed down to them, effective May 1, 2017, from Bell, who owns TSN, and Rogers, who own Sportsnet.

Curling clubs are being put in the same category as big “for profit” sports bars and restaurants that charge high drink prices, and show many sports, all year round. It doesn’t make sense, we can’t afford it, and we need your help! Visit notasportsbar.ca for more detailed info on this serious issue.

We invite you to help out by sharing this message on Facebook, Twitter and other social media (use hashtag #NotaSportsBar and visit www.notasportsbar.ca/post-on-social-media.html for other tips on sharing on social media), and by emailing Bell and Rogers, and federal government representatives including your local MP, to ask them to remove this fee for curling facilities. You can find the relevant email addresses and a sample email at hwww.notasportsbar.ca/email-bell-and-rogers.html

If this fee hike continues, it is unlikely that our Club, and many others, will choose to continue with these channels, meaning that we won’t have them available for watching at the Club. Having curling on TV is very important for the atmosphere at a Club, and for promoting interest in the sport to our members and guests, and we want to continue to show our favourite sport on our TVs!

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