Monday evening: Montana’s 6:30 Mixed draw, Commercial League

Evening league play kicks off on Monday with the 6:30 pm Montana’s BBQ & Bar single-entry Mixed League, The Commercial League goes at 8:30, with the draws available at that time.

Here are the opening Mixed League draws:

Oct 23, 2017 at 6:30pm

Ice 1: R. Biagé, C. Hodgson, J. Hannam, B. Lindsay vs K. Currie, J. MacKinnon, S. Armsworthy, S. Campbell

Ice 2: A. Davies, A. Mason, E. MacDonald, D. Farrell vs B. Sutherland, B. Gardiner, D. MacEachern, D. Musto

Ice 3: G. Groves, J. Sinclair, M. MacDonald, T. Huestis vs D. Kneabone, D. Weeks, D. Sigsworth, C. MacDonald

Ice 4:  E. LeBlanc, F. Weiler, H. Pierce, C. Shea vs F. Martin, R. Gallant, S. O’Keefe, L. MacEachern

Bye: L. Davies, J. Orr, K. MacDonald, C. MacDougall

Monday Night Commercial League

Oct 23, 2017 at 8:30pm

Draw will be available at start of game.

Here is the full Round One draw for 6:30
If viewing on a smartphone, swipe  table to view all columns. If on a computer, use scrollbar on bottom of table.

Ice #1 vs. Ice #2 vs. Ice #3 vs. Ice #4 vs. Bye
Ray Biagé Karen Currie Angus Davies Bryan Sutherland Greg Groves Danny Kneabone Eric LeBlanc Frank Martin Lorianne Davies
Chris Hodgson Joe MacKinnon Alan Mason Brad Gardiner Jean Sinclair Donald Weeks Frank Weiler Rob Gallant Jim Orr
Jeff Hannam Stephen Armsworthy Elric MacDonald Dean MacEachern Mike MacDonald Debbie Sigsworth Heather Pierce Stephanie O’Keefe Kimberly MacDonald
Byron Lindsay Sharon Campbell Dena Farrell Donna Musto Tara Huestis Colleen MacDonald Claude Shea Lisa MacEachern Chris MacDougall
Frank Martin Lorianne Davies Danny Kneabone Eric LeBlanc Bryan Sutherland Greg Groves Karen Currie Angus Davies Ray Biagé
Rob Gallant Jim Orr Donald Weeks Frank Weiler Brad Gardiner Jean Sinclair Joe MacKinnon Alan Mason Chris Hodgson
Stephanie O’Keefe Kimberly MacDonald Debbie Sigsworth Heather Pierce Dean MacEachern Mike MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Elric MacDonald Jeff Hannam
Lisa MacEachern Chris MacDougall Colleen MacDonald Claude Shea Donna Musto Tara Huestis Sharon Campbell Dena Farrell Byron Lindsay
Angus Davies Ray Biagé Greg Groves Karen Currie Eric LeBlanc Bryan Sutherland Lorianne Davies Danny Kneabone Frank Martin
Alan Mason Chris Hodgson Jean Sinclair Joe MacKinnon Frank Weiler Brad Gardiner Jim Orr Donald Weeks Rob Gallant
Elric MacDonald Jeff Hannam Mike MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Heather Pierce Dean MacEachern Kimberly MacDonald Debbie Sigsworth Stephanie O’Keefe
Dena Farrell Byron Lindsay Tara Huestis Sharon Campbell Claude Shea Donna Musto Chris MacDougall Colleen MacDonald Lisa MacEachern
Danny Kneabone Frank Martin Bryan Sutherland Lorianne Davies Karen Currie Eric LeBlanc Ray Biagé Greg Groves Angus Davies
Donald Weeks Rob Gallant Brad Gardiner Jim Orr Joe MacKinnon Frank Weiler Chris Hodgson Jean Sinclair Alan Mason
Debbie Sigsworth Stephanie O’Keefe Dean MacEachern Kimberly MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Heather Pierce Jeff Hannam Mike MacDonald Elric MacDonald
Colleen MacDonald Lisa MacEachern Donna Musto Chris MacDougall Sharon Campbell Claude Shea Byron Lindsay Tara Huestis Dena Farrell
Greg Groves Angus Davies Eric LeBlanc Ray Biagé Lorianne Davies Karen Currie Frank Martin Bryan Sutherland Danny Kneabone
Jean Sinclair Alan Mason Frank Weiler Chris Hodgson Jim Orr Joe MacKinnon Rob Gallant Brad Gardiner Donald Weeks
Mike MacDonald Elric MacDonald Heather Pierce Jeff Hannam Kimberly MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Stephanie O’Keefe Dean MacEachern Debbie Sigsworth
Tara Huestis Dena Farrell Claude Shea Byron Lindsay Chris MacDougall Sharon Campbell Lisa MacEachern Donna Musto Colleen MacDonald
Bryan Sutherland Danny Kneabone Karen Currie Frank Martin Ray Biagé Lorianne Davies Angus Davies Eric LeBlanc Greg Groves
Brad Gardiner Donald Weeks Joe MacKinnon Rob Gallant Chris Hodgson Jim Orr Alan Mason Frank Weiler Jean Sinclair
Dean MacEachern Debbie Sigsworth Stephen Armsworthy Stephanie O’Keefe Jeff Hannam Kimberly MacDonald Elric MacDonald Heather Pierce Mike MacDonald
Donna Musto Colleen MacDonald Sharon Campbell Lisa MacEachern Byron Lindsay Chris MacDougall Dena Farrell Claude Shea Tara Huestis
Eric LeBlanc Greg Groves Lorianne Davies Angus Davies Frank Martin Ray Biagé Danny Kneabone Karen Currie Bryan Sutherland
Frank Weiler Jean Sinclair Jim Orr Alan Mason Rob Gallant Chris Hodgson Donald Weeks Joe MacKinnon Brad Gardiner
Heather Pierce Mike MacDonald Kimberly MacDonald Elric MacDonald Stephanie O’Keefe Jeff Hannam Debbie Sigsworth Stephen Armsworthy Dean MacEachern
Claude Shea Tara Huestis Chris MacDougall Dena Farrell Lisa MacEachern Byron Lindsay Colleen MacDonald Sharon Campbell Donna Musto
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