Call for volunteers to help out with our Junior Instruction Program

Hello Everyone,

This note is to let you know the Junior Instruction Program is off to a great start.  The young curlers are enjoying their learning about the great sport of curling and are quickly catching on to the importance of safety, while having tons of fun.

While that is great news there is one need that isn’t being met just yet and that is the need for help on ice.   The program is being supported by some great on ice helpers now but there is a need for more , especially on Tuesdays between 4 – 5 o’clock.  The program is growing, and while that is really great, it is important that we provide the best learning experience we can.

The Little Rocks, ages 6 – 9 or so, are on ice on Sunday from 3:30 – 4:15 and the Novice between the ages of 9 – 12 are on the ice on Sunday 4:30 – 5:30 and on Tuesday 5 – 6 o’clock.  There’s about 15 instruction weeks left, depending on the weather and unforeseen schedule changes.

Individual junior curlers and teams have volunteered to work with the young curlers in the past and have received Community Service Bursaries at the rate of $5.00 an hour.  Here is the website where you can get more information on that benefit:

If you are available to help with the young curlers, please contact me using the information below.

Have a great year of curling!

Ann Doucette

Junior Instruction, Cornwall Curling Club

902-368-2911 (H) 902-393-1349 (C)


(Sat. morning league – Marci White photo)


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