Thanks from our Scotties/Tankard event chair!

Dear Members:

Wow!  We did it again!  The Cornwall Curling Club has hosted another successful Provincial event — the Scotties Women’s Provincial Championship and the Tankard Men’s Provincial Championship, plus a banquet which also included the young Future Scotties and  Future Tankard curlers. As the chair of the event, let me tell you, I could not have done this without all of you.  It is the membership of the Cornwall Curling Club that made this event a success.  We have a membership that not only contributes time, experience, but also leadership that forms unity to set and accomplish goals successfully.  

Firstly, I’d like to thank Amy Duncan from Curling PEI for providing leadership to initiate this event, but I’d also like to thank Bev, as I continue to receive great support from her.  Bev is the lifeline that pulls everything together.  And Derek.  Well, he’s just an email away.  He keeps us all updated, has templates for my every wish, willing to say “I’ll do it” when I have a request, sets up sound systems, plus much more. 

I’d also like to thank Gary O’Sullivan, our President.  At the banquet, Gary warmly welcomed the curlers to our club, and as team leader for Admissions & 50/50, Gary and his team put in countless hours minding the door, and encouraging 50/50 purchases.  Between admission fees and 50/50, we collected $3,257, recovering our expenses, including the $700 riser rental to ensure optimum seating, and making always-needed profits for the Club, too.

Thank you to Karen Currie and her team for decorating the club, including upstairs for the banquet.  It was beautiful! Great work! Thank you to Bernie Field and her team for Hospitality.  This was a bit challenging, due to the draw schedule, but Bernie and her team pulled it off, by providing delicious sandwiches for purchase at the bar.  Thank you.

Thank you to Etta Reid, Volunteer Team Leader, and her committee.  This group of volunteers not only transitioned upstairs from a daycare to a banquet venue within minutes, but set tables, served meals, cleaned tables, and did a complete cleanup.  What an awesome job!  Thank you! Thanks also to the caterers for the delicious food!

To Kimball Blanchard, Team Leader for Timers, and his volunteers, I express genuine gratitude for your commitment to this challenging position.  I sincerely appreciate your dedication, flexibility, and concentration. The weather was challenging, and your team came together to make sure the timers were all in position and ready to roll.  Thank you for this!

We all love good ice!  Thanks to Lance, Danny, and Jeff, and Provincial Ice Maker Larry Richards, for ensuring ours was top quality. And to the staff behind the bar —  Al, Debby, and Kelly, thank you!  From the front door, the cleanliness of our club is noted, thank you Ray!  Your long hours do not go unwitnessed.  Thank you all.  Thank you to all members for giving up their icetime for the event, and also for donating the use of lockers. Thanks to the curlers, including our own Team Lenentine, finalists in the Scotties, who will be back to win it soon!

Thank you to Kay Atkinson, the Chief Umpire for Curl PEI.  It’s always nice to see Kay. Thank you to Andrew Robinson, President of Curl PEI, for his opening welcome at the banquet. Thank you to Amanda Bulger for keeping everyone at home updated on the live scores.

Due to the weather, the Opening Ceremony scheduled for January 4th was cancelled. I would like to take this time to thank the Town of Cornwall for lending a sound system for the event (even though we didn’t get to use it), and to Sarah Simpson, the piper scheduled (unfortunately we had to cancel).

Thank you all for your teamwork!

Kimberley MacDonald





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