Wendy’s Junior Dev. League – Final version

Here is the final version of the Wendy’s Junior Development League Saturday morning draw.

Junior Development League Cornwall Curling Club

Starting Oct 28/17, Draw time:  9:30 am

Draw Date ICE 1  ICE 2   ICE 3  ICE 4
# 1 Oct 28 Jack  vs  Pineau O’Grady  vs  Schut Gallant vs Sanderson Howatt  vs  Ferguson
# 2 Nov 4 O’Grady  vs  Sanderson Jack  vs  Ferguson Howatt vs Pineau Gallant vs Schut
# 3 Dec 16 Gallant vs Howatt Pineau  vs  Sanderson Ferguson  vs  Schut Jack  vs  O’Grady
# 4 Dec 23 Sanderson  vs  Schut Howatt  vs  Jack Gallant vs O’Grady Ferguson  vs  Pineau
# 5 Jan 13 Gallant vs Jack Schut  vs  Pineau Sanderson  vs  Ferguson O’Grady  vs  Howatt
# 6 Jan 27 Schut vs Howatt Gallant vs Ferguson Pineau vs  O’Grady

Pineau vs Schut

Sanderson vs Jack
# 7 Feb 10 Ferguson/O’Grady (Mar 10) Sanderson/Howatt (Mar 10) Schut/Jack (Mar 10) Gallant vs Pineau (Played)

O’Grady/Gallant (Mar 10)

# 8 Feb 17


Sanderson vs Gallant (Mar 10)

O’Grady vs  Pineau (Mar 10)

Ferguson vs Pineau (Mar 10)

Schut vs Gallant (Mar 10)

# 9 Mar 10 Sanderson vs Gallant (9:30)

O’Grady vs  Pineau (11:00)

Ferguson  vs O’Grady (9:30)

Schut vs Gallant (11:00)

Schut vs Jack (9:30)

O’Grady vs Gallant (1:00)

Sanderson  vs  Howatt (11:00)

Ferguson vs Pineau (1:00)

# 10 Mar 24 Shut vs Gallant (Feb 17) Howatt vs Pineau (Played)

Schut vs Pineau (Played)


NOTES:  Changes to schedule makeup games as at Feb 6, 2018:

  1. Storm/alternate ice time: Feb 10 & 17: Cancelled; Mar 10: Scheduling all 8 makeup games, Mar 24 (Not Available)
  2. Teams are responsible for makeup games. These games could be played at another place and time that is mutually acceptable. If played other than scheduled here, please ensure the scores are tracked and reported to Club League Coordinator or Manager. Sunday afternoons might be available at the Cornwall Club and ice time is to be booked through Manager.

Team Rosters:                                                                                                                     

 No Skip Mate Second Lead Coach
1 Emily Sanderson Emma Coffin Kaylee Stewart Anna Maria MacDonald Edgar Coffin
2 Sydney Howatt Sierra Clyke Meghan Sherren Madelyn Cantwell AJ Campbell
3 Mitchell Schut Nick Johnston Liam Kelly Colin MacKenzie Bill Hope/Lori Robinson
4 Clara Jack Beth Walsh Aurora Ulvstal Darrah MacLeod Aleya Quilty
5 Lauren Ferguson Katie Shaw Alexis Burris Lexie Murray David Murphy
6 Bailey O’Grady Katelyn Burgoyne Meaghan Perry Amy Spence TBD
7 Cruz Pineau Brock Rochford Noah Gallant  Brayden Snow Shelley MacFadyen/Eric Pidgeon
8 Shianne Gallant  Mallory Rochford Madison Profit  Madison Adams Shelley MacFadyen


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