Cornwall curlers visiting Charlottetown on Tuesday. Here is the draw

It’s time for the annual Cornwall/ Charlottetown daytime curlers visitation!
This year, the Cornwall players are venturing to the Big City to play at the 
Charlottetown Curling Club. Teams are mixed between the two clubs. Here are the opening draws. Additional draws follow at 1:00pm and 2:15pm.

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018


Ice 1: Paul Field, Shelley Ebbett, Pat McCardle, Shirley Bee vs Cathy MacDougall, Bernie Field, Bob Hall, Jean Anderson

Ice 2: Sterling Stratton, John Baird, Don Crozier, Don Gillis vs Julien Gaudin, Elaine Hughes, Leigh Crabbe, Joanne Durant

Ice 3: Joe Gill, Shoji Yamamoto, Jacques Boisvert, Paul Taweel vs Bob Acorn, Myrna Craswell, Bryon Sutcliffe, Yvonne Barbour

Ice 4: Lester Callbeck, Don Sheen, Gerald MacLeod, Theresa Currie vs Val MacLean, Carlene Peters, Calvin MacMillan, David O’Hanley

Ice 5: Tom Dunn, Don Poole, Gene Murphy, Thelma Acorn vs Bill Bishop, Peter Heighton, Adele Jardine, Dick MacKinnon


Ice 1: Barry Craswell, Art O’Malley, Bill Allen, Basil Kerwin vs Peter MacDonald, Myron MacKay, Mary MacKenna, Don Steves

Ice 2: Grant Laird, Bob Hennessey, Carolyn Crockett, Elwood Jay vs Rick Richard, Ruth Stavert, Ernie Dunsford, Ann Greyborn

Ice 3: Diane MacKay, Wayne Walsh, Gary O’Sullivan, Jake Bartlett vs Lorne MacGuigan, Janette Fraser, Lou Richard, Hanny MacLeod

Ice 4: Paul Arsenault, Woody Pauptit, Cliff Sentner, Joanne Cowan MacGuigan vs Bill Harper, Paul Durant, Bill Glydon, Karen Fisher

Ice 5: Frank Weiler, Cathy Dillon, Kimball Blanchard, Italo Marzari vs Wayne Arsenault, Vince Fisher, Etta Reid, John MacIntyre



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