Hope, McInnis rinks win Ladder League round 2. Final round set to go

The second round of the Wednesday evening Ladder League wrapped up last week, with the Bill Hope rink, with only 1 loss, winning the Water & Prince Corner Shop & Lobster Pound “A” Pool prizes, and the Josh McInnis rink, who are catching on to this sport fast, winning the prizes for the Lowther’s Snow Removal “B” Pool, with only 2 losses. The McInnis team were tied in games won with the Kim Nicholson rink, but beat them in their game on the last night. They were also tied in games with the Emily Sanderson team, who had one less point due to a defaulted game. 

McInnis, Nicholson, and Sanderson will move up the ladder to the A pool for the last round., while Ray Biagé and Rob Gallant, each with four losses, and  Gord Peters with five, will head down the ladder to the B pool.

Here are the  pools for round three:

A Pool

A1-Bill Hope
A2-Rachel MacLean
A3-Greg Groves
A4-Paul Neima
A5-Josh McInnis
A6-Kim Nicholson
A7-Emily Sanderson

B Pool

B1-Ray Biagé
B2-Rob Gallant
B3-Gord Peters
B4-Dave Younker
B5-Greg Robertson
B6-Kelly Watts
B7-Peter Joostema

Here are the dates for the third and final round. April 4 is a storm date – we will have curling only if we miss another week. Curlers are reminded that they will play a crossover game against the team from the other pool that is in the same slot as they are. That game will be at 6:30, regardless of what time the rest of your pool is playing that week. Pool A goes at 6:30 the first week, as they had the 8:30 game the final week of round two.

Dates: Feb 14, Feb 21, Feb 28
Mar 7, Mar 14, Mar 21, Mar 28
Apr 4 (storm date)

Here is the draw for round three.
Pool A – Sponsor is Wally’s Pharmasave
Pool B– Sponsor is New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, celebrating 60 years of business in 2018!


Feb. 14 (Week 1)
6:30 pm  Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A4-Paul Neima vs A7-Emily Sanderson
Ice 2: A6-Kim Nicholson vs A3-Greg Groves
Ice 3: A1-Bill Hope vs B1-Ray Biagé (crossover)
Ice 4: A2-Rachel MacLean vs A5-Josh McInnis

8:30 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool
Ice 1: B4-Dave Younker vs B7-Peter Joostema
Ice 2: B6-Kelly Watts vs B3-Gord Peters
Ice 3: Team Practice
Ice 4: B2-Rob Gallant vs B5-Greg Robertson

Feb. 21 (Week 2)
630 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: B6-Kelly Watts vs B1-Ray Biagé
Ice 2: B4-Dave Younker vs  B5-Greg Robertson
Ice 3: B2-Rob Gallant vs B7-Peter Joostema
Ice 4: B3-Gord Peters vs A3-Greg Groves (crossover)

8:30 pm Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A6-Kim Nicholson vs A1-Bill Hope
Ice 2: A4-Paul Neima vs A5-Josh McInnis
Ice 3: A2-Rachel MacLean vs A7-Emily Sanderson 
Ice 4: Team Practice

Feb. 28 (Week 3)
6:30 pm Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A2-Rachel MacLean vs B2-Rob Gallant (crossover)
Ice 2: A7-Emily Sanderson vs A1-Bill Hope
Ice 3: A5-Josh McInnis vs A3-Greg Groves
Ice 4: A4-Paul Neima vs A6-Kim Nicholson

8:30 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool
Ice 1: Team Practice
Ice 2: B7-Peter Joostema vs B1-Ray Biagé
Ice 3: B5-Greg Robertson vs B3-Gord Peters
Ice 4: B4-Dave Younker vs  B6-Kelly Watts

Mar. 7  (Week 4)
630 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: B1-Ray Biagé vs B3-Gord Peters
Ice 2: B2-Rob Gallant vs B4-Dave Younker
Ice 3: B6-Kelly Watts vs A6-Kim Nicholson (crossover)
Ice 4: B5-Greg Robertson vs B7-Peter Joostema

8:30 pm Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A1-Bill Hope vs A3-Greg Groves
Ice 2: A2-Rachel MacLean vs A4-Paul Neima 
Ice 3: Team Practice
Ice 4: A5-Josh McInnis vs A7-Emily Sanderson

Mar. 14 (Week 5)
6:30 pm Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A4-Paul Neima vs B4 Rob Gallant (crossover)
Ice 2: A3-Greg Groves vs A7-Emily Sanderson
Ice 3: A1-Bill Hope vs A5-Josh McInnis
Ice 4: A2-Rachel MacLean vs A6-Kim Nicholson 

8:30 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool
Ice 1:  Team Practice
Ice 2: B3-Gord Peters vs B7-Peter Joostema
Ice 3: B1-Ray Biagé vs  B5-Greg Robertson
Ice 4: B2-Rob Gallant vs  B6-Kelly Watts

Mar. 21 (Week 6)
630 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: B2-Rob Gallant vs B3-Gord Peters
Ice 2: B5-Greg Robertson vs A5-Josh McInnis (crossover)
Ice 3: B6-Kelly Watts vs B7-Peter Joostema
Ice 4: B1-Ray Biagé vs B4-Dave Younker

8:30 pm Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool 
Ice 1: A2-Rachel MacLean vs A3-Greg Groves
Ice 2: Team Practice
Ice 3: A6-Kim Nicholson vs A7-Emily Sanderson
Ice 4: A1-Bill Hope vs A4-Paul Neima 

Mar. 28 (Week 7)
6:30 pm Wally’s Pharmasave “A” Pool + Crossover Game
Ice 1: A5-Josh McInnis vs A6-Kim Nicholson  
Ice 2: A1-Bill Hope vs A2-Rachel MacLean 
Ice 3: A3-Greg Groves vs A4-Paul Neima 
Ice 4: A7-Emily Sanderson vs B7-Peter Joostema (crossover)

8:30 pm New Glasgow Lobster Suppers “B” Pool
Ice 1: B5-Greg Robertson vs  B6-Kelly Watts
Ice 2: B1-Ray Biagé vs B2-Rob Gallant
Ice 3: B3-Gord Peters vs B4-Dave Younker
Ice 4: Team Practice

April 4 – No curling unless another night is postponed


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