Mitchell Schut rink representing Cornwall in PEI Mixed, starting Friday in Alberton


The Provincial Mixed (fours) Curling Championship takes place February 16-19 at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton. This is the traditional four-person version of mixed curling, as opposed to the Mixed Doubles two person championship that was held this past weekend. 

Nine teams are entered, with curlers from all seven dedicated PEI curling facilities. This event has no age restrictions. The rink of Mitchell Schut, Sierra Clyke, Nick Johnston, and Sydney Howatt is entered from our Club.

The teams will play a modified triple knockout format, starting at 10 am Friday (Schut’s 1st game is at 2) with section winners dropping down to compete in the next section. The section winners will advance to a two-game championship round on Monday, unless a team wins all three sections, in which case they will immediately be declared champion. If a team wins two sections, they will take the title if they win either game, while their opponent would have to win both. 

The defending PEI champs, the rink of Dennis Watts, Jackie Reid, Erik Brodersen, and Alison Griffin from the Charlottetown and Western Community clubs, are not back this year, so there will be a new championship team. 

Winners advance to the Canadian Mixed Curling Championships, November 5-10 2018 at the Fort Rouge Curling Club in Winnipeg.

Click for Live End-by-End Results

Click for previous years’ Mixed websites and winners


(Modified Triple Knockout format with 2 game ch’ship round, if required.)



Date Time Draw Ice 1  Ice 2 Ice 3
Feb. 16
10am 1 1 2 3
2pm 2 4 5 6
6pm 3 7 9 8
Feb. 17
10am 4 12 11 10
2pm 5 13 15 14
6pm 6 18 16 17
Feb. 18
10am 7 20 19 21
2pm 8 22   23
6pm 9   24  
Feb. 19
10am 10     P1
2pm 11   P2  


*Qualifying games for the championship round (P1 and P2) are in yellow on the schedule

Team Rosters 
(Click on link for players)

Team Affiliation Location
Team Betts Maple Leaf and Western Curling clubs O’Leary and Alberton PE
Team Fraser Western Community Curling Club Alberton, PE
Team MacDonald Western Community Curling Club Alberton, PE
Team MacKenzie Charlottetown Curling Complex Charlottetown, PE
Team Miller Silver Fox Summerside, PE
Team Morrison Montague Curling Rink Montague, PE
Team Newson Silver Fox/Charlottetown S’Side/Ch’town PE
Team Schut Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
Team Smith Crapaud Curling Club Crapaud, PE
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