Cornwall sweeps 55+ Games Stick Curling medals

It’s no surprise that the Cornwall Curling Club won all the medals in the Stick Curling competition at the Vogue Optical 55+ Games, hosted by the Town of Stratford, with curling at the Charlottetown Curling Complex, considering their past results, and the fact that all the entries but one were from there. The Gold medals winners were the team of Vernon Chowan & Grant Leard in the Open (any combination of men and women) division, and the Ruth Stavert & Karen Fisher duo in the women’s. The Games wrapped up on Friday.

Here are the Friday Stick results and medallists. Congrats to all 12 of our Stick winners! We also have some double medallists, with Elaine Hughes, Etta Reid and Myrna Craswell medalling in both regular and stick curling.

If we can track down any pictures, well post them later.

Stick Curling

Open Division
E Stavert/V Fisher 10 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3
B Craswell/Stratton 6 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 5
Keefe/Doiron 4 tied M Craswell/P Field 4
M Craswell/P Field 6 defeated B Craswell/Stratton 4
Chowan/Leard 4 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 2
Keefe/Doiron 6 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 4
E Stavert/V Fisher 5 defeated Chowan/Leard 2
Gill/MacKinnon 6 defeated Sutherland/McIntyre 3

Gold- Chowan/Leard 6 defeated Gill/MacKinnon 1
Bronze- M Craswell/P Field 6 defeat B Craswell/Stratton 5

GOLD- Vernon Chowan & Grant Leard
SILVER- Joe Gill & Archie MacKinnon
BRONZE- Myrna Craswell & Paul Field

Women’s Divison
Hughes/Reid 7 defeated B Field/Crockett 3
R Stavert/K Fisher 5 defeated Hughes/Reid 4

Gold- R Stavert/K Fisher 7 defeated B Field/Crockett 3

GOLD- Ruth Stavert & Karen Fisher
SILVER- Bernie Field & Carolyn Crockett
BRONZE- Elaine Hughes & Etta Reid

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