IMPORTANT! Team Rosters/Schedule revised for Your Independent Grocer BLUE vs RED Closing Spiel

Due to players dropping out yesterday, we have had to revise the draw and schedule for this weekend’s BLUE vs RED Closing Spiel, reducing the number of teams from 22 to 20. PLEASE check both the schedule and team rosters below,  because some teams have different members and different team numbers, and some are playing at different times.

This single-entry Members’ funspiel is sponsored by Leary’s Your Independent Grocer in Cornwall.

Spiel Dates:  Friday April 6th (evening) & Saturday the 7th all day.

Registration Fee:  $30.00 per person

Skins Format

Registration includes:

  • 3 games of curling
  • Snacks & Dance on Friday Night. Music by Undertow. Those who are not playing in the spiel are  also welcome to attend the dance, from 8:30 to 11:30 for a $5 cover fee (pay at the bar).
  • Lunch Saturday
  • Banquet Saturday Evening
  • Prizes for the winning colour

Don’t forget to wear your team COLOURS!

Best dressed curler will win a prize!

Let the Battle Begin Blue vs Red!

Here are the revised team rosters (skip to lead):

Blue TeamsRed Teams
1Carol Sweetapple

Kristin Casey

Dean MacEachern

Jeff Hannam

11Shirley Berry

Brad Gardiner

Gloria Turner

Archie MacKinnon

2Greg Groves

Donald Weeks

Frank Weiler

Donna Musto

12Larry Cudmore

Carlene Peters

Lisa MacEachern

Italo Marzari

3Kim Nicholson

Bob Fowler

Nancy MacKinnon

Maureen Cudmore

13Lorianne Davies

Gerald Dykerman

Geoff Boyle

Elric MacDonald

4Paul Neima

Cathy Handren

Steve Armsworthy

Stephanie O’Keefe

14Danny Kneabone

Derek Gallant

Sharon Campbell

Kenneth Monaghan

5Ray Biagé

Gloria Clarke

Kelly Watts

Doug Kelly

15 Hank Kamphuis

Angela Sanderson

Rick Neumeyer

Nelson Douguay

6Paul Field

Debby Sigsworth

John Berry

Colleen MacDonald

16Tom Dunn

Rob Gallant

Chris Creighton

Kim MacDonald

7Karen Currie

Rick Doiron

Amanda MacIntosh

Shelley Woods

17Bryan Sutherland

Veronica Smith

Hans Wicki

Tara Woolaver

8Angus Davies

Roy Coffin

Paula Ling

Derek MacEwen

18Megan Davies

George Younker

Mitchell Dunphy

Stephen Degrace

9Garth Cudmore

Alan Mason

Melissa Creighton

Dena Farrell

19Angus Kennedy

Gary O’Sullivan

Bob Deziel

Laurie Kelly

10Paul Arsenault

Brent Irving

Marg Stewart

Lacey Gallant

20Mark MacDonald

Joe Gill

Marlene Proude

Howard MacPhail


Here is the revised draw/schedule. Games are six ends on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, and four ends on Saturday morning. Swipe left/right to view entire table on smartphone screens.

Revised Schedule Closing 2018
Ice/TimeIce 1Ice 2Ice 3Ice 4
Fri 5:30 PM 1-Sweetapple vs 11-Berry2-Groves vs 12-L.Cudmore3-Nicholson vs 13-L.Davies
Fri 7:00 PM4-Neima vs 14-Kneabone5-Biagé vs 15-Kamphuis6-Field vs 16-Dunn7-Currie vs 17-Sutherland
Fri 8:45 PM8-A.Davies vs 18-M.Davies9-G.Cudmore vs 19-Kennedy10-Arsenault vs 20-MacDonald 
Sat   9:00 AM1-Sweetapple vs 12-L.Cudmore2-Groves vs 13-L.Davies3-Nicholson vs 14-Kneabone 
Sat 10:00 AM5-Biagé vs 16-Dunn6-Field vs 17-Sutherland7-Currie vs 18-M.Davies4-Neima vs 15-Kamphuis
Sat 11:00 AM 8-A.Davies vs 11-Berry9-G.Cudmore vs 20-MacDonald10-Arsenault vs 19-Kennedy
Sat 1:00 PM2-Groves vs 15-Kamphuis3-Nicholson vs 16-Dunn 1-Sweetapple vs 14-Kneabone
Sat 2:30 PM6-Field vs 20-MacDonald7-Currie vs 19-Kennedy5-Biagé vs 17-Sutherland4-Neima vs 18-M.Davies
Sat 4:15 PM10-Arsenault vs 13-L.Davies 8-A.Davies vs 12-L.Cudmore9-G.Cudmore vs 11-Berry



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