Kenmac Energy Opening Bonspiel

Currie steals win over Berry in all-female Kenmac final
The championship game between the top two teams at the 2008 Kenmac Energy opening bonspiel was an exciting one, with the Karen Currie and Shirley Berry rinks tied going into the final end, where the Currie foursome, which includes Val Acorn, Cyndie Cunneyworth and Tracy MacDonald, had one rock in the house, well guarded by six rocks. With the final shot, Berry managed to get through the rock wall, but, after rubbing one of the guards on the way through, her stone ran out of steam and fell short of the rings, giving the victory to Currie. Other members of the runner-up rink are Arleen Harris, Danielle Girard, and Carol Sweetapple.
Photo: Tracy MacDonald, Valerie Acorn, Karen Currie, Gordon Matthews. Missing: Cyndie Cunneyworth

Photo: Shirley Berry, Arleen Harris, Danielle Girard, Gordon  Matthews. Missing: Carol Sweetapple 
On ice two, the Bob Fowler rink, still reeling from a crushing defeat by the Karen Currie team on Friday night, recovered long enough to pull out a win against the Angus Kennedy foursome. Playing with Bob were Alan Acorn, Carl Currie, and Dick MacKinnon, while Myrna Sanderson, Bob MacWilliams, and Marjorie Matthews rounded out the Kennedy squad.

Photo: Alan Acorn, Carl Currie, Dick MacKinnon, Bob Fowler, Gordon Matthews
Photo: Bob MacWilliams, Myrna Sanderson, Gordon Matthews, Marjorie Matthews, Angus Kennedy
Meanwhile, the excitement was building on ice three in the battle for fifth place. The game was in an extra end between John DeLuca and Jack Fairhurst, when, facing a pile of Fairhurst stones,  DeLuca attempted a difficult double angle raise. After furious sweeping, the promoted rock came to rest touching the four foot, and it was impossible to determine whether or not it was shot stone. Fairhurst was unable to get another rock in, and a measure was called for. The DeLuca rock won the measure, relegating Fairhurst to 6th place. Playing with DeLuca were Ray Biagé, Rebecca Rolfe, and Derek MacEwen, with Nancy Yeo substituting for MacEwen in games two and three, and Geoff Scutt filling in for Biagé in the opener. The Fairhurst foursome included Linda and Dean Fairhurst, along with Crapaud's Evelyn Rogerson.

Photo: Derek MacEwen, Rebecca Rolfe, John DeLuca, Ray Biagé, Gordon Matthews. Missing: players from earlier games Geoff Scutt and Nancy Yeo

Photo: Evelyn Rogerson, Dean Fairhurst, Linda Fairhurst, Jack Fairhurst, Gordon Matthews
The battle for seventh and eighth spot was between the rink of Rob Young, Lorianne and Angus Davies, and Sheri Boutelier, and the team of Barb Duncan-Biagé, Debby and Bill Sigsworth, and Gordon Canfield, with the Young rink coming out on top.
Photo: Lorianne Davies, Sheri Boutilier, Rob Young, Angus Davies, Gordon Matthews

Photo: Bill Sigsworth, Debby Sigsworth, Barb Duncan-Biagé, Gordon Matthews. Missing: Gordon Canfield
Gordon Matthews from longtime event sponsor Kenmac Energy, PEI's Petro Canada distributor, was in attendance to hand out gift certificates from Petro Canada, and from Mark's Work Wearhouse to all the winners (which included everyone!). Thanks to Gordon and to Kenmac for their continuing (and very generous) sponsorship, and don't let today's temperature fool you - it will get colder VERY SOON, so be sure to give them a call for your heating needs. 
Besides the curling, partipants enjoyed mussels and fresh baked baguettes, and hands of poker on Friday night, with card sharks buying donated prizes from an auction with their winnings. Saturday's lunch included burgers and pasta salad, with the supper table including homemade lasagne and caesar salad, with Nanaimo bars and other squares for dessert.

Photo: Angus deals another hand as everyone puts on their best poker face  
Thanks to organizers Barb and Ray and everyone else who helped out, to Gordon and Kenmac Energy, to Lance and the ice crew, the bar staff, and everyone else involved in the event. See you next year!

Sponsor(s):  Kenmac Energy
Contact:  TBA
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