Soirees and Shindigs Ladies Spiel

The Soirees and  Shindiggs Women's Bonspiel was held on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 14-15 2008, with 14 teams from Cornwall and other clubs participating.

Click to view an album of photos from the Soirees and Shindiggs women's bonspiel (PDF, 400k).

Fun was had by all, with lots of curling, and lots of food, capped off with a wonderful pot luck dinner Saturday evening.
Sherri Dixon-MacLeod and Lindsay Docherty, co-owners of Soirees and Shindiggs, were on hand for the banquet, and presented  the prizes afterwards.
They also donated a beautiful Christmas wreath, which was raffled off and won by Tanya MacKay.

Here are the divison winners:
Winner of A Division:  Shirley Berry, Linda Fairhurst, Evelyn Rogerson and Virginia MacDonald
Runner-Up of A:         Carol Sweetapple, Marie MacDonald, Danielle  Girard and Eileen Blanchard
Winner of B Division:   Diane MacKay, Sherren MacKinnon, Marilyn Diamond and Tanya MacKay
Runner-Up of B :          June Moyaert, Kathey Clarey, Janet Kemp and Joanie Livingstone
Winner of C Division:    Ruth Stavert, Mary Plamondon, Jean Anderson and Marg Stewart
Runner-Up of C:           Myrna Sanderson, Tracy MacDonald, Barb Duncan-Biage and  Cindy Ballem
Winner of D Division:    Faith LeClair, Jeanne Duffenais, Flo Birch and Michelle Weaver
Runner-Up of D:            Rebecca Rolfe, Jennifer Hanus, Marjorie Matthews and  Pat McCardle

For all your decorating needs, get in touch with Soirees and Shindiggs!



Sponsor(s):  Soirees and Shindiggs
Start Date:  Friday, November 14  End Date:  Saturday, November 15




Here are the opening day draws for the Soirees and Shindiggs Ladies Curling Bonspiel at the Cornwall Curling Club:

Opening Draw Friday Nov. 14th
5.30 P.M.

Ice 1
Kathy  Reeves vs. Debbie Rhodenizer
Ice 2
Karen Wood  vs. Jackie Olafson
Ice 3
Arleen Harris vs. Diane MacKay
Ice 4
Carol Sweetapple vs. Valerie Acorn

7.00 P.M.
Ice 1
Leita Chisholm vs. Ruth Stavert
Ice 2
Faith LeClair vs. Shirley Berry
Ice 3
Myrna Sanderson vs. June Moyaert

Losers of 5.30 p.m.  draw play at 8:45 p.m.
Losers of 7.00 p.m. draw Ice 1 and Ice 2 play at 8:45 p.m.







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