CK Carpet Klean and Restoration Funspiel

CK Kleaning and Restoration Bonspiel and Sleigh Ride
January, 23-24, 2009
Single Entry
$25 (Spiel Only) + $10 (Sleigh Ride)
Guests welcome for Dinner and Sleigh Ride $15
$10 non-refundable deposit required for registration

Event report

LeBlanc rink wins CK Carpet Spiel
Posted Monday, January 26, 2009 by derekm

The annual CK Kleaning and Restoration Funspiel was held this past weekend. 10 teams were entered, with the 4 top teams winning prizes. Friday night, after curling. the participants were treated to mussels, Mary Vickers, and a rousing game of Deal or No Deal. Saturday brought more curling - and  lots of great food and laughter. Back that evening by popular demand was the Sleigh Ride at Potts Farm. Once again curlers joined together in great night under the stars - in temperatures fit only for Penguins. With help from a lot of blankets and a few warming liquid refreshments, everyone was able to keep warm. After that everyone went back to the club, for a few tunes, and another round of Deal or No Deal. Once again, a great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Here are the winners:

First: Eric LeBlanc, Sherren MacKinnon, Deb Delvalle, Dick St-John

Second: Ernie Stavert, Hank Kamphuis, Rebecca Rolfe, Karen Montgomery

Third: Ray  Biagé, Angus Davies, Heather Pierce, Greg St-John
Fourth:  Joe MacKinnon, Bill Prowse, Brad Gardiner, Lynda Turnbull (no pic )

Here are some other photos from the event:



Sleigh 1

Sleigh 2


Here is the opening Draw for the C K Kleaning & Restoration Spiel at the Cornwall Curling Club

Friday, Jan 23, 2009


E. LeBlanc,S. MacKinnon, D. Delvalle, D. St-John VS
G. Scutt, P. Richard, E. Leahey, T. Turnbull

P. Neima, M. Beck, N. MacKinnon, B.Doucette VS
B. Duncan-Biagé, G. Crosby, S.Montgomery, M.Gauthier



E. Stavert, H. Kamphuis, R. Rolfe, K. Montgomery
L. Davies, R. Young, D. MacKinnon, spare


J. MacKinnon, B. Prowse, B. Gardiner, L. Turnbull
J. Deluca, B. Sigsworth, G. Canfield, S. Boutilier,


R. Biagé, A. Davies, H. Pierce, G. St-John
M. Macdonald, K. Reeves D. Sigsworth, C. Macpherson

Info from last year's event:


Nfld. meets the Wild West at 2008 CK Carpet Spiel!

Here's an album of photos from the 2008 edition of the CK Carpet Klean and Restoration funspiel, courtesy of Jennifer Hanus. Looks like the dory races were a big hit on Friday night!


This is a single-entry event for Club members only, and takes place January 11-12. Entry fee is only $30, ten of which you pay at the bar when you signup, and twenty which you pay when you play your first game.






- you're guaranteed three games, even if you don't win any!
- there's lots and lots of food: Friday night, plus breakfast, lunch and supper on Saturday.
- there'll be great entertainment including music, dory races (isn't the water all frozen??), Newfie curling (I don't think they're talking about Brad Gushue here) and other fun games



Friday night is "Newfie and Western Night" (probably in honour of all those Newfies who have moved to Alberta!).


We're supposed to show up in Newfie and/or western garb such as Sou'wester and Newfie dress shoes (rubber boots), Stetsons and cowboy boots (keep those spurs away from the ice!), or mix and match for the true "Western Newfie" look. They say that we're in for a rip-roarin' good time no matter what we wear!









Sponsor(s):  CK Carpet Klean and Restoration
Contact:  Karen Montgomery
Start Date:  January 10, 2008  End Date:  January 11, 2008




Here are the winners of the recent CK Carpet Fun Mixed Bonspiel:
A Division winners Photo (R-L): Chick Morrison, Melody Beck, Anne Boswall, Hans Wicki
A Division Runners-up: Photo: L-R: Eric Leblanc, Paulette Richard, Brad Gardiner, Marjorie Matthews
B Division winners: Roy Coffin, Ruth Stavert, Dick St. John, Billie Doucette. Photo L-R: Doucette, Stavert, Coffin, St. John
Runners-up B Division: Ray Biagé, Carol Sweetapple, Neil Smith, Greg St. John. Photo left to right: Ray, Neil, Carol, Greg
Winners of C Division: Kevin Baillie, Tracy MacDonald, Jim Thompson, Jamie Ballem. Photo right ro left: Baillie, Ballem, Thompson
C Division Runners-Up: Paul Neima, Mary Plamondon, Angus Davies, Mary Beth MacLean. Photo L-R: Angus, Mary Beth, Paul, Mary
D Division Winners: Ernie Stavart, Matthew Hanus, Vicki Cotton, Cyndi Russell. Photo L-R: Vicki, Cyndi, Matt, Ernie
D Division Runners-up: Bob Fowler, Nancy MacKinnon, Wanita Drake, Joerg Soltermann. Photo L-R: Soltermann, MacKinnon, Fowler, Drake
I would like to thank everyone for participating in this Spiel. A huge thank you to CK Carpet Kleaning and Restoration for their continued sponsorship.  Thanks to all who helped out in the kitchen and to Paulette Richard for organizing and participating in the Newfie Curling and Barb Duncan-Biage for all her work on the dory races.....Just a note that the Rodd/Greco Team entry spiel is coming up the 1-2 Feb and the sign up sheet will be posted very soon.
Thanks again to all,
Karen Montgomery
Bonspiels and Social Events Chair




Revisions to draw

Cornwall Curling Club

CK Kleaning & Restoration Spiel

Friday, January 11, 2008


6:30pm Draw:


Ice 1: C. Morrison, M. Beck, A. Boswall, H. Wicki vs

 E. Stavert, M. Hanus, V. Cotton, C. Russell


Ice 2: P. Neima, M. Plamondon, A. Davies, M B. MacLean vs

L. Callbeck, D. DelValle, G. Canfield, H. Verhulp


Ice 3: B. Duncan-Biagé, G. Crosby, R. Baillie, C. MacPherson vs

 R. Coffin, R. Stavert, D. St. John, B. Doucette


Ice 4: G. Matthews, R. Doiron, D. Sigsworth, K. Montgomery vs

J. Deluca, R. Rolfe, J. Kamphuis, V. Taylor


8:00pm Draw:


Ice 1: E. LeBlanc, P. Richard, B. Gardiner, M. Mathews vs

 B. Fowler, N. MacKinnon, W. Drake, J. Solterman


Ice 2: L. Davies, S. Montgomery, T L MacDonald L.Callbeck vs

 H. Kamphuis, C. Solterman, L. Turnbull, G. Gallant


Ice 3: R. Biagé, C. Sweetapple, , N Smith, G. St. John vs

 K. Baillie, T. MacDonald, J. Thompson, J. Ballem


Ice 4: M. Sanderson, K. Reeves, R. Boyle, D. MacKinnon vs

 G. Scutt, A. Thompson, T. Turnbull, N. Ballem







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