Rodd Hotels & Resorts/ Greco Pizza Spiel

Rupert Sweetapple foursome wins 2009 Rodd/Greco Spiel A Division

The 2009 Rodd Hotels and Resorts, Greco Pizza team-entry bonspiel wrapped up Saturday evening at the Cornwall Curling Club, with sixteen teams taking part, with half the teams picking up some great prizes, including nights at the Rodd Mill River resort, Greco pizza coupons, and gift certificates for other companies.

Here are the division winners and runners-up (left to right unless noted otherwise):


A division winners (right to left): Rupert Sweetapple, Carol Sweetapple, George Younker, Carlene Peters


A Division runners-up: Ray Biagé, Leita Chisholm, Valerie Taylor, Bev "Nucker" Richards


B Division winners (right to left): Tom Dunn, Chick Morrison, Frank Weiler


B Divison runners-up: Louise Andrews, Melissa Andrews (skip), Vanessa Andrews, David Axworthy


C Division winners (right to left): Lester Callbeck, Heather MacRae, Kenny Stewart, Walter Andrews


C Division runners-up: Angus Kennedy, Nancy Yeo, Missing from photo: Darren Hatfield, Martin Vanderaa


D Division winners: Jamie Ballem, Cindy Ballem, Bob MacWilliams (skip), Myrna Sanderson


D Division runners-up: Vince Fisher, Karen Fisher, Kimball Blanchard (skip), Eileen Blanchard

Curlers were also treated to great Greco pizza and a dance on Friday night, soup and sandwich bar Saturday noon, and KFC for supper Saturday evening. Thanks to Ray Biagé, Carol Sweetapple, Eileen Leahey, the many kitchen helpers, and everyone else who helped out with this annual event! We hope to see you again next year!


Cornwall Curling Club
Rodd Greco Spiel 2009 Opening Draws
Friday 6:15pm (6 end games)
Ice 1: B. Fowler, R. Doiron, G. Crosby, D. Sigsworth vs J. Deluca, C. Nicholson, N. Boswall, D. Girard
Ice 2: E. Stavert, R. Stavert, P. Durant, J. Durant vs K. Blanchard, E. Blanchard, V. Fisher, K. Fisher
Ice 3: T. Dunn, C. Morrison, F. Weiler, TBA vs R. Sweetapple, C. Sweetapple, G. Younker, C. Peters
Ice 4: A. Kennedy, D. Hatfield, TBA, TBA vs D. DelValle, G. Scutt, G. Harper, K. Harper

Friday 8:00pm (6 end games)
Ice 1: R. Biagé, L. Chisholm, B. Richards, TBA vs L. Andrews, M. Andrews, TBA, TBA
Ice 2: L. Callbeck, H. MacRae, K. Stewart, W. Andrews vs B. MacWilliams,, M. Sanderson, TBA, TBA
Ice3: P. Neima, R. Rolfe, E. Leahey, TBA vs K. Currie, C. Currie, M. Perry, L. Gottell
Ice 4: L. Davies, R. Young, M. MacDonald, A. Davies vs H. Kamphuis, C. Solterman, G. Dykerman, P. MacInnis

The Annual Rodd Hotels and Resorts / Greco Pizzas and Subs Funspiel is set for Feb 6th - Feb 8th, 2009.
Entry fee $120.00 per team. This event is open to curlers from all clubs. All teams must have at least one member of the opposite sex.
Entry deadline is Feb 4th.
3 games guaranteed.
This event features Greco pizza on Friday evening, and lunch and supper on Saturday. Sunday will start with morning treats, followed by the event finals, and will wrap up with the prize presentations.

Last year's info:

1st Place winners of Division A received one night's accommodation at the Rodd Mill River Resort .
Send entry with cheque to Cornwall Curling Club, PO Box 408 Cornwall PE C0A 1H0.
Entry limited to 24 teams
For more info, contact Ronalda Baillie at 626-3625.

Another successful Rodd Hotels and Resorts/Greco Pizzas Fun Mixed bonspiel was held over the weekend, with lots of curling, food, and fun. Speaking of food, Ronalda says that you find the recipe for her delicious cream of potato and bacon soup at

Speaking of curling, here are the winners:

 Division A- 1st place-Angus Kennedy, Myrna Sanderson, Bob MacWilliams Al Vanderveeko

            A-2nd place-Terry MacCormac, Rick Milton, Tara Rose, Cindy MacCormac

 Division   B-1st place- Bob Fowler, Lorianne Davies, Angus Kennedy, Tracy MacDonald

           B- 2nd place - Karen Currie, Valerie Acorn, Carl Currie, Alan Acorn

Division     C- 1st place - Sterling Stratton, Karen Wood, Vern Chowan, Margaret Stewart

             C- 2nd place - John DeLuca, Danielle Girard, Helen Smith, Edmund Richard

Division   D- 1st place - Louise Andrews, Melissa Andrews, Vanessa Andrews, David Axworthy

             D- 2nd place - Lester Callbeck, Heather McRae, Kenny Stewart, Walter Andrews

Thanks to Ronalda Baillie and all the organizers for another great event!



Weekend  Events




Friday- Pizza and Games Night

                  Bob’s  Bingo

                  Texas Hold’em

                  Crokinole-(If anyone has a board please bring it along!)




                      -Lunch-soup and rolls

                      -Supper-Spaghetti  and meat sauce or Alfredo sauce

                       Garlic bread and cookies



After curling is done we will dance the night away with music from the 80’s


Sunday - Breakfast

                    - Play-offs

                    - Prizes Awarded


2007 Rodd Greco Winners

The winners of the A Division were Calvin Smith, Vanessa Hamming, Kevin
Smith and Janna Cheverie from Crapaud.  The grand prize  was one night's
free accommodation, usable at anytime before October '07, for each of the
team members at the Rodd Mill River Resort.  This was of course very
generously donated by the title sponsor Rodd Hotels & Resorts who have
renewed their very generous commitment to this spiel.

The runners-up of the A Division were our very own Jim Farquharson, Carol
Sweetapple, Gary Crosby and Bill Prowse.

B Division was won by Melissa Andrews, Marie Molyneaux, Glen Greene and
Peter Drake.

Runners-up of B were Ray Biage', Debbie Sigsworth, Derek Gallant, and Helene

C Division was won by Bob Fowler, Nancy MacKinnon, Rick Doiron and Tracy

Runners-up of C were Karen Currie, Carl Currie, Alan Acorn and Val Acorn.

D Division was won by Paul Neima, Paulette Richard, Kevin Roy and Eileen

Runners-up of D were Kimball Blanchard, Eileen Blanchard, Gordie Hermann and
Marg Stewart.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, Rodd Hotels & Resorts, Home Hardware (St.
Peters' Road Charlottetown) and Greco Pizza, to Connie and Al and Bev, and
of course to Lance for the great ice that keeps people coming back to this
spiel year after year.


Sponsor(s):  Rodd Hotels & Resorts, Greco Restaurants
Contact:  Deb Del Valle
Start Date:  February 1 2008  End Date:  February 3 2008


Here is the opening draw for the Cornwall Curling Club's Rodd/Greco Funspiel

Friday, Feb 1/08

6:00 pm Draw

Ice 1: G. Scutt vs E Stavert

Ice 2:  C. Smith vs P. Mohan

Ice 3: C. Morrison vs S. Stratton

Ice 4: K. Currie vs K. Baillie

7:30 pm Draw

Ice 1: A. Kennedy vs B. Fowler

Ice 2: D. Dunne vs R. Sweetapple

Ice 3: L. Calbeck vs J. Deluca

Ice 4: G. Matthews vs T. MacCormac

9:00pm Draw

Ice 1: R. Biagé vs J. Solterman

Ice 2: H. Kampius vs M. Beck

Ice 3: L. Andrews vs H. LaPalme


 Click to view photo album from 2004's Rodd/Greco Spiel

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