Countryview Golf Closing Spiel

End off the Curling season and get ready for the Golf Season with the Cornwall Curling Club Closing Spiel, sponsored by Countryview Golf Club.


The Countryview Golf Club Closing Spiel took place from April 2-4th 2009.

Click here for photos from the event!

Don't forget - there are golf greens under that snow - call Countryview today at 675-2800
or visit and check out their great membership rates!

Reds win Countryview Closing Spiel on final round
Posted Monday, April 6, 2009 by derekm

Once again, the Countryview Golf Course Closing Bonspiel came down to the last round - Blue could have pulled it out, but they couldn't get their act together during the final pressure games, so Red won again. Pictures will follow later and (apparently) explain all. Elmo and Cookie made a re-appearance, after being absent last year. The battle of the mascots was back on in full force!  Many are still nursing bruises today after a few scuffles broke out. It was like a game of Hoser Hockey, off the ice. Lots of fun once again. There was a big goodbye and a standing ovation for bartender Connie, who is leaving us this year. Thanks to Countryview Golf Course and other sponsors, to icemaker Lance, bartenders, volunteers, and participants.

Winning Red teams (no particular order):

Jhn DeLuca, Paul Horne, Danielle Girard, Helen Verhulp
Karen Currie, Leita Chisholm, Mike Lafontaine, Monique Gauthier
Mark MacDonald, Robert Waite, Jennifer Hanus, Chester Remley

Kevin Baillie, Darren MacLean, Deb DelValle, Sherri Boutilier

Peter MacNeil, Melody Beck, Dick St. John, Darlene Kneebone
Lorianne Davies, Bob MacWilliams, Rebecca Rolfe, Louise Callbeck
Paul Durant, Cindy Nicholson, Bill Brown, D. Pineau
Paul Arsenault, Tracy MacDonald, Lynda Turnbull, Gordon Canfield

Tom Dunn, Vernon Chowan, Greg Groves, Frank Weiler

Blues, with help from Rob's hat, pull into narrow lead at Countryview closing spiel
Posted Saturday, April 4, 2009 by derekm

A great time was had by all on Friday night at the Countryview Golf Closing Spiel - spinnin' tunes on the old record player. The winner of the "best interpretation of your hat" went to Rob Young from the BLUE team. From his "little boy" sailor hat - right down to his striped socks, swim shorts and thongs (the kind you wear on your feet!) - he was dressed for the event - all in "little boy" blue.  PICS to follow later (unless his lawyer intervenes!)
By the way, the BLUE team are now ahead  83-77 - but all that is needed is one RED win, with all ends to Red - and RED can be back on top!

Drop by the Club today and see all the fun! Don't forget the Karaoke this afternoon!

Red ahead!
Posted Friday, April 3, 2009

After the first round of play at the Countryview Golf Course Closing Spiel, the red team are leading the blues by a score of 46 to 42.

Don't worry, Blue fans - there are still three rounds to go, and the Reds are looking tired, already!

Don't forget to drop into the Club tonight and bring your own vinyl records. Karaoke tomorrow!

Posted Thursday, April 2, 2009
We'll be having Karaoke at the Closing Spiel - Saturday Afternoon - with Peter Lamont. Everyone is invited to drop in and sing along!

Closing Spiel - taking those old records off the shelf
Posted Thursday, April 2, 2009
For Friday Nite at the Countryview Golf Closing Spiel - we are having an oldtime FLASHBACK - we will be playing oldtime VINYL on a RECORD PLAYER.... If you have any favorites you haven't heard in a long time  - bring them along - -we will have a turntable (AKA Record Player)   and we will Spin some tunes!!!!

Countryview Golf Closing Spiel Opening Draw (Revised)
Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009 

Ice 2:
Blue - K. Blanchard, M. Hanus, L. Gotell, F. Legault
Red: T. Dunn, V. Chowan, G. Groves, F. Weiler

Ice 1:
Blue - G. Scutt, G. Crosby, V. Taylor, B. Vanderaa
Red - J. DeLuca, P. Horne, D. Girard, H. Verhulp
Blue- R. Young, D. Kneebone, M. Ellis, J. Durant
Red - K. Currie, L. Chisholm, M. Lafontaine, M. Gauthier
Ice 3:
Blue - B. Fowler, R. Doiron, D. Sigsworth, D. MacKinnon
Red - M. MacDonald, V. Acorn, J. Hanus, C. MacPherson
Ice 4:
Blue - R. Biagé, C. Sweetapple, K. Watts, G. St. John
Red - K. Baillie, D. MacLean, D. DelValle, S. Boutilier

Ice 1:
Blue - L. Callbeck, C. Currie, R. Baillie, M. Mercer
Red - P. MacNeil, M. Beck, D. St. John, D. Kneebone
Ice 2:
Blue - A. Acorn, D. Weeks, A. McCormick, D. Vanderaa
Red - L. Davis, B. MacWilliams, R. Rolfe, L. Callbeck
Ice 3:
Blue - P. Neima, B. Richards, G. Dykerman, M. Vanderaa
Red - P. Durant, C. Nicholson, B. Brown, D. Pineau
Ice 4:
Blue - A. Davies, D. Rhodenhizer, E. Richard, L. Lafontaine
Red - P. Arsenault, T. MacDonald, L. Turnbull, G. Canfield

Countryview Golf Closing Spiel details
Posted Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sign-up now for the Countryview Golf Closing Bonspiel, April 2-4. Single-entry, red vs blue: all teams will have a colour. Points from all teams will be accumulated by colour, with the winning colour winning the prizes.

This year's theme is "Hats off to Curlers". Create yourself a wonderful costume based on your HAT of choice, making sure it reflects your team colour - red or blue!

For example, if your hat is a sombrero, come as a Mexican Senor/Senorita. If you wear an engineer's hat, come dressed as a train driver.

Use  your imagination!

Here's the tentative agenda:

Thursday evening (if enough teams): Curling, Munchies, Games

Friday: Curling, "Bedtime Snack", tickets go on sale for reverse-draw for a one night membership for next season

Saturday: day will start with morning treats. Lunch from noon-1 pm will be  from the barbecue (weather permitting).

Other entertainment will take place throughout the day, and a supper will be served (menu TBA).

Don't forget to wear your team colour proudly!


2008 Report:

Well, the curling year at the Cornwall Curling Club ended with a bang - Blue Rocks beat Red Rocks in the Countryview Golf Course Closing Spiel. The spiel began with Red ahead on Thursday night, but Blue pulled out all the stops on Friday night to take the lead, and they held on until the end. Friday night - what a party!.  We were treated to fabulous food from the chefs at the Culinary Institute, and the music from Moovin' 'N Groovin' got everyone in the mood for a great flashback to the 50's and 60's.  Many Thanks to Karen and Carl Currie for their continued support of the club,  to the participants for joining us in the fun,  to all members who volunteered their time in any way to help us out, to Lance for the great ice (as always), and to the bartenders for putting up with all of  us. See you all next year!

Barb & Ray

Click to view photos from the 50's and 60's dance, courtesy of Karen Montgomery

Blue Teams


Geoff Scutt

Angus Davies

Steve Montgomery

Katherine Morrow


Ray Biagé

Jack Fairhurst

Hélène LaPalme



Ernie Stavert

Gary Crosby

Eileen Leahey

Karen Doucette


Paulette Richard

Bill Prowse

Donald Weeks

Dick MacKinnon



Rick Doiron

Ronalda Baillee

Valerie Taylor


Eric LeBlanc

Vern Chowan

Tony Turnbull

Jean Anderson


Paul Neima

Debby Sigsworth

Vicki Cotton

Ann Doucette


Lester Callbeck

Jim Farquharson

Bev Richards

Debbie Rhodenhizer


Bob Fowler

Jeff Keefe

Anne Boswall

Marjorie Matthews


Rob Young

Joerg Soltermann

Laurie Smythe


Team Photos

Bob Fowler team

Eric LeBlanc rink

Ernie Stavert foursome

Team Geoff Scutt

Paulette Richard team

Paul Neima rink

Ray Biagé rink

Rob Young team

Ronalda Baillee

Missing: Lester Callbeck rink

The spiel runs Thursday evening April 3rd, Friday evening April 4th, and all day April 5th

Here is the opening draw for the Countryview Golf closing bonspiel. Good Curling!!

Year End Spiel,

Cornwall Curling Club,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

6:30 pm

Ice 1: Blue Team: G. Peters, R. Doiron, R. Baillee, V Taylor vs Red Team: T. Young, T. MacDonald, G. Groves, K. McCaffery

Ice 2: Blue Team: G. Scutt, A. Davies, S. Montgomery, K. Morrow vs Red Team: L. Davies, R. Stavert, D. Dunne, J. Gillis

Ice 3: Blue Team: R. Biagé, J. Fairhurst, H. LaPalme, TBA vs Red Team: D. MacKay, B. MacWilliams, D. DelValle, TBA

7:30 pm

Ice 1: Blue Team: E. LeBlanc, V. Chowan, T. Turnbull, J. Anderson vs Red Team: J. DeLuca, N. Boswall, G. Canfield, J. Collier

Ice 2: Blue Team: E. Stavert, G. Crosby, E. Leahey, K. Doucette vs Red Team: K. Baille, C. Soltermann, S. Turner, F. Weiler

Ice 3: Blue Team: P. Neima, D. Sigsworth, V. Cotton, A. Doucette vs Red Team: B. Duncan-Biagé, K. Roy, M. Stewart, C. Peters

Ice 4: Blue Team: L. Callbeck, J. Farquharson, B. Richards, D. Rhodenhizer vs Red Team: K. Montgomery, R. Rolfe, Steve/Janice DeWolfe, L. Callbeck

8:30 pm

Ice 2: Blue Team: P. Richard, B. Prowse, D. Weeks, D. MacKinnon vs Red Team: S. Stratton, C. Nicholson, G. Curley, H. Verhulp

Ice 3: Blue team: B. Fowler, J. Keefe, A. Boswall, M. Matthews vs Red Team: H. Kamphius, L. Fairhurst, W. MacPherson, A. MacCormac

Ice 4: Blue team: R. Young, J. Soltermann, L. Smythe, TBA vs G. Hermann, MB MacLean, L. Turnbull, TBA

Win your Membership for 2008-2009 !

Registered participants in the closing spiel will be eligible to enter a draw for a one-night membership for the 2008-2009 season.

This will be a "reverse draw", where the last name drawn out will be the winner.

We will draw 10 names every hour until a winner is declared.

Every 10th name drawn will win a prize as well. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Excitement is building for the Countryview Golf Closing Bonspiel, which starts Thursday April 3rd at the Cornwall Curling Club. Over 50 club members have signed up already for this event, so hurry hard and avoid disappointment!

The event's itinerary was unveiled recently, and includes:

Curling, munchies and trivia on Thursday evening.

Curling, along with chili and chowder (the 3 c's!) on Friday, courtesy of our friends/club members from the Culinary Institute of Canada.

Following the Friday food, the Club will be rockin' to the sounds of Moovin' 'N Groovin', a PEI-based DJ service serving the Maritimes for over a decade, and operated by one of our newest Club members, Scott Jeffrey. Check out Scott's website at This will be a "Battle of the Decades" dance. Come dressed in the attire of your favorite decade, with music from the 50's and 60's, and prizes for best costume of each decade.

Saturday will start with morning treats, and lunch on the barbecue from noon to 1. There will be curling and other games throughout the day, and supper, too (menu TBA).

Don't forget to wear your team colour proudly throughout the weekend, for the epic battle of Red and Blue!

(last year's info follows)

Reds win Countryview Golf Closing Spiel
Posted Sunday, March 25, 2007 by derekm

Click here for even more photos from this event, courtesy of Heather Mair from U. of Waterloo, who was a special guest of the Club for this event.

The Red team defeated the Blue team by a score of 168 to 159 to win the annual Countryview Golf Closing Spiel. The Blue team pulled out all the stops in the final games, staging an on-ice pep rally, and winning several games to narrow the gap, but the Reds prevailed in the end.

Photo: Tom Dunn and Paul Durant trying for another red win in one of the final games

The Bob MacWilliams rink finished with the most points and had first pick of the prizes.

Photo: Bob Fowler (Blue team, 1-4 record) looks on wistfully as girlfriend Tracy and other red team members pick from the fabulous prize table. The team, with Tracy as skip, beat Fowler earlier in the day

The reverse draw for a free one-night membership next season was won by Gord Peters, while the Gordie Hermann rink won the potato peeling competition, peeling a tray full of spuds in just 48 seconds, and helping greatly in supper preparation! Speaking of supper, the roast chicken was wonderful (as was the strawberry shortcake dessert)!

Photo: Hank Kamphuis rink showing fine form in spud peeling competition

This year's them was the Wild West, and cowboys and cowgirls were everywhere:

Photo: There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Kevin!

Vern "Gabby" Chowan on a shootout

Photo: Tony and his chaps

Photo: Cowgirl Lynda and cowboy Tony

Photo: Lorianne saddles up

Photo: Ride 'em cowboy!

Photo: are Zorro and these tough hombres knitting??

Thanks to Barb Duncan-Biagé, and her helpers, including husband Ray, Debby "Zorro" and Bill Sigsworth, Angus and Lorianne Davies, Tracey Lee MacDonald, Lynda Turnbull, and others, to ice staff including Lance and Bob, to Connie and Al at the bar, and especially to our great sponsors, Countryview Golf Course for making the weekend an event to remember!

Photo: Barb Duncan-Biagé

Photo: Rob and Rick setting up for Texas Hold'em

Photo: a round of crokinole on a beautiful handmade board (see Connie at the bar if you covet one of these)

Following games of crokinole and poker, the stage was set for Cornwall's version of Deal or No Deal (with the prizes scaled down slightly).

Photo: Game board set for Deal or No Deal.
Model Lorianne is at left, while host Debby Sigsworth does her best Howie Mandel imitation

George Piercey was the first contestant chosen from the hat, and shocked the organizers by quickly dealing his way into the $100 grand prize. The next contestant, Laurie Smythe, was not so lucky, and walked away with the grand sum of $6.75.

Photo: Contestant Smythe

Photo: Game show crew revealing Laurie's "huge" winnings

Tony Turnbull was the final contestant, and refused to cash out early, leaving a choice between the 25 cent prize and one of $30. Lady Luck and Tony's perseverance paid off, when the $30 case was revealed.

Photo: Tony's Support Group looking for him to "Go Low"

Photo: Host Angus receiving final offer from Banker Barb

Photo: the Banker's offer looks pretty good!

Photo: Tony says "NO DEAL!"

Photo: Tony wins the $30 suitcase

Thanks to hosts Debby Sigsworth and Angus Davies, models Lorianne Davies and Kathy Reeves, assistant Tracey Lee MacDonald, and banker Barb Duncan-Biagé for putting on a great show (even though it wasn't very profitable for them!)

There's still a week of league curling left, plus the Provincial 12 and Under Curling Championships next weekend. After the ice goes out, the Sigsworths are holding a Lip Sync video event on the 14th of April (more on this later). The signup sheet ($10 holds your spot) is now available for the annual golf tourney at Countryview. This is a Texas Scramble individual entry event, so anyone can participate and have fun!

Opening Draw:

Cornwall Curling Club

Countryview Closing Speil

Thursday , Mar 22, 2007


Ice 1 C.Morrison, R. Boyle, D. DelValle, D. MacKinnion vs P. Neima, R. Doiron, V. Chowan, K. Thompson

Ice 2: B. MacWilliams, C. Nicholson, H. Lapalme, B. Thompsom vs G. Scutt, N. MacKinnon, B. Prowse, L. Smythe

Ice 3: H. Kamphuis, R. Stavert, T. Young, A. Doucette vs E. Stavert, G. Peters, G. Crosby, T. MacPhail

Ice 4: L. Davies, R. Rolfe, S. Sigsworth., K. Roy vs L. Calbeck, A. Davies, D. Sigsworht, V. Cotton

8:15 pm

Ice 1: G. Herman, C Sweetapple, L. Turnbull, N. Smith vs J. DeLuca, K. Reeves, T. Turnbull, P. Piercy

Ice 2: M. Sanderson, T. MacDonald, G. Piercy, G Canfield vs R. Young, D. Gallant, T.L. MacDonald, C. Russell

Ice 3: T. Dunn, J. Callaghan, P. Durant, E. Leahey vs B. Fowler, D. Rhodenizer, D. MacEwen, J. Durant

Entry fee is $30,  $10 of which is a non-refundable deposit.
Sign up at the bar.

Wild West theme.

Win your Membership for 2007-2008 !

Registered participants in the closing spiel

will be eligible to enter a draw for a

1-night membership for the 2007-2008 season.

This will be a "reverse draw", where the

last name drawn out will be the winner.

We will draw 10 names every hour

until a winner is declared.

Every 10th name drawn will win a prize as well.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Sponsor(s):  Countryview Golf Club
Contact:  Barb Duncan-Biagé
Start Date:  March 22 and 23, 2007 (evenings)  End Date:  March 24, 2007 (day)




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