Monday evening Mixed and Commercial Leagues

Pizza Delight (Cornwall)

Monday Night Mixed League

Jan 21, 2019 at 6:30pm

Corrected version: Karen, not Bryan, has the bye

Ice 1: B. Sutherland, B. Gardner, H. Pierce, A. MacIntosh vs G. Groves, S. O’Keefe, M. Davies, S. Campbell

Ice 2: D. Kneabone, F. Weiler, C.MacDonald, C. Peters vs L. Davies, D. Sigsworth, E. MacDonald, L. Gallant

Ice 3: F. Martin, D. Weeks, C. MacDougall, I. Marzari vs R. Biagé, C. Hodgson, R. Neumeyer, B. Lindsay

Ice 4: P. Neima, G. Turner, D. MacSwain, D. Campbell vs A. Davies, M. MacDonald, C. Soltermann, S. MacLean

Bye: K. Currie, K. Pippy, J. Hannan, D. Musto


Monday Night Commercial League

Jan 21, 2019 at 8:30pm

Ice 1: Cannon Consulting vs The Grove

Ice 2: Dykstra Farm vs KJL Meats

Ice 3: Glasgow Glen vs Hunter’s Ale House

Ice 4: Airport Authority vs Fair Isle Ford

Round  2 Team Rosters

Team# Skip Mate Second Lead
1 Lorianne Davies Debby Sigsworth Elric MacDonald Lacey Gallant
2 Ray Biage Chris Hodgson Rick Neumeyer Bryon Lindsay         
3 Greg Groves Stephanie O’Keefe Meagan Davies Sharon Campbell
4 Angus Davies Mike MacDonald Colleen Soltermann Sara MacLean
5 Bryan Sutherland Brad Gardiner Heather Pierce        Amanda MacIntosh
6 Karen Currie Kim Pippy                Jeff Hannan Donna Musto
7 Danny Kneabone Frank Weiler Colleen MacDonald Charlene Peters
8 Paul Neima Gloria Turner Dave MacSwain TBA
9 Frank Martin Donald Weeks Chris MacDougall Italo Marzari
Schedule for Round Two  
Wk.# Date Ice #1 vs. Ice #2 vs. Ice #3 vs. Ice #4 vs. Bye  
1 10 Dec 2018 LDavies Biage Groves ADavies Sutherland Currie Kneabone Neima Martin  
2 17 Dec 2018 Neima Martin Currie Kneabone ADavies Sutherland Biage Groves LDavies  
3 07 Jan 2019 Groves LDavies Sutherland Biage Kneabone ADavies Martin Currie Neima  
4 14 Jan 2019 Currie Neima ADavies Martin Biage Kneabone LDavies Sutherland Groves  
5 21 Jan 2019 Sutherland Groves Kneabone LDavies Martin Biage Neima ADavies Currie  
6 28 Jan 2019 ADavies Currie Biage Neima LDavies Martin Groves Kneabone Sutherland  
7 04 Feb 2019 Kneabone Sutherland Martin Groves Neima LDavies Currie Biage ADavies  
* Highlighted game is exhibition only and points will not contribute to these teams’ total score.