Monday evening Mixed and Commercial Leagues

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Monday Night Mixed League

Nov 12, 2018 at 6:30pm

Ice 1: D. Kneabone, S. O’Keefe, I. Marzari, TBA vs F. Martin, G. Turner, M. Davies, S. Campbell

Ice 2: B. Sutherland, M. MacDonald, E. MacDonald, C. Peters vs L. Davies, D. Weeks, R. Neumeyer, D. Musto

Ice 3: K. Currie, C. Hodgson. C. Solterman, A. MacIntosh vs P. Neima, F. Weiler, C. MacDougall, L. Gallant

Ice 4: R. Biage, D. Sigsworth, J. Hannam, S. MacLean vs G. Groves, B. Gardiner, C. MacDonald, L. Hilton

Bye: A. Davies, K. Pippy, H. Pierce, B. Lindsay

Monday Night Commercial League

Nov 12, 2018 at 8:30pm

Ice 1: Fair Isle Ford  vs Airport Authority

Ice 2: Glasgow Glen vs Hunter’s Ale House

Ice 3: Cannon Consulting vs Dykstra Farm

Ice 4: The Grove vs KJL Meats

Monday evening Mixed Team Rosters for Round 1

Skip Mate Second Lead
Ray Biagé Debby Sigsworth Jeff Hannam Sara MacLean
Karen Currie Chris Hodgson Colleen Solterman Amanda MacIntosh
Angus Davies Kim Pippy Heather Pierce Bryon Lindsay
Bryan Sutherland Mike MacDonald Elric MacDonald Charlene Peters
Greg Groves Brad Gardiner Colleen MacDonald Leslie Hilton
Danny Kneabone Stephanie O’Keefe Italo Marzari TBA
Paul Neima Frank Weiler Chris MacDougall Lacey Gallant
Frank Martin Gloria Turner Meagan Davies Sharon Campbell
Lorianne Davies Donald Weeks Rick Neumeyer Donna Musto

Round One Draw

Date Ice #1 vs. Ice #2 vs. Ice #3 vs. Ice #4 vs. Bye
22 Oct 2018 Biagé Currie A.Davies Sutherland Groves Kneabone Neima Martin L.Davies
29 Oct 2018 Martin L.Davies Kneabone Neima Sutherland Groves Currie A.Davies Biagé
05 Nov 2018 A.Davies Biagé Groves Currie Neima Sutherland L.Davies Kneabone Martin
12 Nov 2018 Kneabone Martin Sutherland L.Davies Currie Neima Biagé Groves A.Davies
19 Nov 2018 Groves A.Davies Neima Biagé L.Davies Currie Martin Sutherland Kneabone
26 Nov 2018 Sutherland Kneabone Currie Martin Biagé L.Davies A.Davies Neima Groves
03 Dec 2018 Neima Groves L.Davies A.Davies Martin Biagé Kneabone Currie Sutherland

 Highlighted game is exhibition only and points will not contribute to these teams’ total score.