Thursday evening draw

Thursday Evening Mixed Draw

A popular single-entry draw for curlers of all ages and both sexes. The draw goes at 6:30 pm, plus 1 sheet at 8:30, and one team with a bye.

Griffin’s Service Centre & 24 Hour Auto Service

Thursday Mar 21, 2019

6:30PM Draw   

Ice 1: Bryan Sutherland, Lee Nickerson, Laurie Kelly, Scott Carnall vs Frank Martin, Carlene Peters, Marlene Proude , Italo Mazari

Ice 2: Frank Weiler, Kim Nickerson, Darren MacKinnon, Ben Gendron vs Larry Cudmore, Jennifer Lenentine, Heather Diamond, Kevin Ross

Ice 3: Garth Cudmore, Katelyn Burgoyne, Donnie Godfrey, Doug Campbell vs Hans Wicki, Gloria Turner, Scott MacLean, Maureen Cudmore

 Ice 4: Joe Callaghan, Barb Arsenault, Robbie Lenentine, Heidi Rast vs Melody Beck, Doug Kelly, Amanda MacIntosh, Len Cudmore

8:30PM Draw   

Ice 1: Alan Aitken, Angela Sanderson, David O’Connor, Patsy Piercy/TBA vs Jean Sinclair, Gary O’Sullivan, George Piercy, Lacey Gallant

Bye: Brent Irving, Alan Mason, Marjorie Matthews, Shelley Coles

Here is the full round three draw for Thursday evening, sponsored by Griffin’s Service Centre & 24 Hour Auto Service.

Here are the team rosters (some revisions from first night):





    Thursday Evening Round Two  
Team Skip Third Second Lead
1 Joe Callaghan Gloria Turner David O’Connor Kevin Ross
2 Jean Sinclair Doug Kelly Robbie Lenentine Randy Johnston
3 Bryan Sutherland Barb Arsenault Patsy Piercy Doug Campbell
4 Brent Irving George Piercy Heather Diamond Scott Carnall
5 Frank Weiler Angela Sanderson Marjorie Matthews Myles Gallant
6 Garth Cudmore Kim Nickerson Scott MacLean Heidi Rast
7 Hans Wicki Lee Nickerson Amanda MacIntosh Ben Gendron
8 Alan Aitken Carlene Peters Darren MacKinnon Shelley Coles
9 Larry Cudmore Alan Mason Catelyn Burgoyne Maureen Cudmore
10 Frank Martin Jennifer Lenentine Donnie Godfrey Lacey Gallant
11 Melody Beck Gary O’Sullivan Laurie Kelly Italo Marzari