Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Evening Competitive League

Cornwall Curling Club

Upstreet Craft Brewing

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019

(Originally Dec 18th)

6:30PM Draw

Ice 1: S. Howatt vs M. O’Rourke

Ice 2: C. Creighton vs S. MacInnis

Ice 3: S. Berry vs M. MacDonald

Ice 4: M. Schut vs P. Durant

8:30PM Draw

Ice 1: B. Spence vs B. Hope

Ice 2: D. Schut vs D. Rhodenhizer

Ice 3: V. Smith vs A. Kelly

Ice 4: S. Hope vs A. Kennedy

Here is the Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday Night Competitive Curling League Draw through to February 19. We have a full draw of 16 teams, with no byes.

For each date, the time slots are listed below, followed by the games on sheets 1 through 4

Oct. 23

6:30 pm C. Creighton vs D. Schut, V. Smith vs M. MacDonald, S. Howatt vs B. Spence, A. Kennedy vs M. Schut
8:30 pm S. Berry vs A. Kelly, M. O’Rourke vs B. Hope, P. Durant vs S. Hope, S. MacInnis vs D. Rhodenhizer

Oct. 30 

6:30 pm P. Durant vs B. Spence, A. Kennedy vs D. Rhodenhizer, A. Kelly vs C. Creighton, M. O’Rourke vs M. MacDonald 
8:30 pm S. Howatt vs S. Hope, S. MacInnis vs M. Schut, S. Berry vs D. Schut, B. Hope vs V. Smith 

Nov. 6

6:30 pm S. MacInnis vs S. Howatt, M. Schut vs S. Berry, D. Schut vs B. Hope, V. Smith vs S. Hope
8:30 pm A. Kennedy vs P. Durant, D. Rhodenhizer vs C. Creighton, A. Kelly vs M. MacDonald, M. O’Rourke vs B. Spence

Nov. 13

6:30 pm A. Kelly vs B. Hope, S. Hope vs M. O’Rourke, S. MacInnis vs P. Durant, S. Berry vs D. Rhodenhizer
8:30 pm M. MacDonald vs D. Schut, B. Spence vs V. Smith, A. Kennedy vs S. Howatt, M. Schut vs C. Creighton 

Nov. 20

6:30 pm M. O’Rourke vs S. Berry, B. Hope vs P. Durant, S. Hope vs D. Rhodenhizer, A. Kelly vs S. MacInnis
8:30 pm V. Smith vs C. Creighton, S. Howatt vs M. MacDonald, M. Schut vs B. Spence, A. Kennedy vs D. Schut

Nov. 27 

6:30 pm V. Smith vs A. Kennedy, S. Howatt vs C. Creighton, M. MacDonald vs M. Schut, B. Spence vs D. Schut
8:30 pm M. O’Rourke vs S. MacInnis, S. Berry vs P. Durant, B. Hope vs D. Rhodenhizer, A. Kelly vs S. Hope

Dec. 4

6:30 pm M. Schut vs S. Hope, S. MacInnis vs D. Schut, V. Smith vs S. Berry, B. Hope vs S. Howatt
8:30 pm D. Rhodenhizer vs B. Spence, A. Kelly vs A. Kennedy, M. O’Rourke vs C. Creighton, P. Durant vs M. MacDonald

Dec. 11

6:30 pm M. MacDonald vs D. Rhodenhizer, A. Kelly vs B. Spence, A. Kennedy vs M. O’Rourke, P. Durant vs C. Creighton
8:30 pm B. Hope vs M. Schut, S. Hope vs D. Schut, S. MacInnis vs V. Smith, S. Berry vs S. Howatt

Dec. 18

6:30 pm S. Howatt vs M. O’Rourke, C. Creighton vs S. MacInnis, S. Berry vs M. MacDonald, M. Schut vs P. Durant
8:30 pm B. Spence vs B. Hope, D. Schut vs D. Rhodenhizer, V. Smith vs A. Kelly, S. Hope vs A. Kennedy

Jan. 8

6:30 pm A. Kennedy vs B. Hop,e D. Rhodenhizer vs V. Smith, C. Creighton vs S. Hop,e S. Howatt vs A. Kelly
8:30 pm M. Schut vs M. O’Rourke, M. MacDonald vs S. MacInnis, D. Schut vs P. Durant, B. Spence vs S. Berry 

Jan. 15

6:30 pm D. Schut vs A. Kelly, B. Spence vs S. Hope, M. O’Rourke vs V. Smith, S. MacInnis vs A. Kennedy
8:30 pm C. Creighton vs S. Berry, P. Durant vs S. Howatt, M. MacDonald vs B. Hope, D. Rhodenhizer vs M. Schut

Jan. 22

6:30 pm B. Spence vs C. Creighton, M. MacDonald vs A. Kennedy, B. Hope vs S. MacInnis, S. Hope vs S. Berry
8:30 pm D. Schut vs S. Howatt, V. Smith vs M. Schut, D. Rhodenhizer vs M. O’Rourke, A. Kelly vs P. Durant

Jan. 29

6:30 pm S. Berry vs S. MacInnis, P. Durant vs M. O’Rourke, M. Schut vs D. Schut, M. MacDonald vs B. Spence
8:30 pm A. Kelly vs D. Rhodenhizer, B. Hope vs S. Hope, C. Creighton vs A. Kennedy, V. Smith vs S. Howatt 

Feb. 5

6:30 pm S. Hope vs M. MacDonald, A. Kelly vs M. Schut, D. Rhodenhizer vs S. Howatt, C. Creighton vs B. Hope
8:30 pm P. Durant vs V. Smith, A. Kennedy vs S. Berry, B. Spence vs S. MacInnis, D. Schut vs M. O’Rourke 

Feb. 12

6:30 pm D. Rhodenhizer vs P. Durant, S. Berry vs B. Hope, B. Spence vs A. Kennedy, D. Schut vs V. Smith
8:30 pm S. Hope vs S. MacInnis, A. Kelly vs M. O’Rourke, S. Howatt vs M. Schut, M. MacDonald vs C. Creighton

Feb 19

Makeup night – Sign up with Bev at office

Here is a PDF version of the draw: Click to download

Team Rosters

  Tuesday Night Draw            
1     2     3  
Skip Debbie Rhodenhizer   Skip Chris Creighton   Skip Bill Hope
Third Cindy Nicholson   Third Melissa Creighton   Third Peter Murdoch
Second Nancy McFadyen   Second Carlene Peters   Second David Murphy
Lead Sandra Sobey   Lead Helen Smith   Lead Dario Zannier
4     5     6  
Skip Annika Kelly   Skip Paul Durant   Skip Mark O’Rourke
Third Breanne Burgoyne   Third Danny Kneabone   Third Karen Currie
Second Kya MacArthur   Second Larry Nigh   Second Danny Bernard
Lead Rachel O’Connor   Lead Carl Currie   Lead Donna Pound-Bernard
7     8     9  
Skip Shirley Berry   Skip Veronica Smith   Skip Sandy Hope
Third Janice Murdoch   Third Jane DiCarlo   Third Shelly Ebbett
Second Gloria Turner   Second Sabrina Smith   Second Karen Hardy
Lead Linda Fairhurst   Lead Whitney Jenkins   Lead Arleen Harris
10     11     12  
Skip Mark MacDonald   Skip Angus Kennedy   Skip Sydney Howatt
Third Brad Gardiner   Third Angela Sanderson   Third Sierra Clyke
Second Wayne Goodwin   Second Brent Irving   Second Meghan Sherren
Lead Garth Cudmore   Lead Robert Deziel   Lead Madelyn Cantwell
13     14     15  
Skip Devon Schut   Skip Mitchell Schut   Skip Brock Spence
Third Alec Huestis   Third Nick Johnston   Third Chris Montigny
Second Tyler Garnhum   Second  Liam Kelly   Second Jay Carr
Lead Dylan Moase   Lead  Colin MacKenzie   Lead Mike Montigny
Skip  Susan McInnis            
Third Donna Butler            
Second  Julie Scales            
Lead  Darlene Kneabone