Wednesday Team Entry Daytime League

The first draw for “The Iceman” Wednesday Daytime League is Nov 2nd. 15 teams have signed on. This league goes Wednesday mornings at 10 (3 sheets), and Wednesday afternoons at 12:30 (4 sheets).


Nov 2, 10:00 am
Ice 1   Berry vs Sweetapple
Ice 2. Craswell vs Chowan
Ice 3  Dunn vs B Biagé
           12:30 pm
Ice 1  MacKay vs Kneabone
Ice 2  Coffin vs Durant
Ice 3. Callbeck vs Stuckey
Ice 4. Arsenault vs R Biagé
         Bye: Sutherland

Nov. 9, 10:00am
Ice 1. Durant vs Craswell
Ice 2. Sweetapple vs Dunn
Ice 3. R Biagé vs Coffin
           12:30 pm
Ice 1. B Biagé vs Callbeck
Ice 2. Stuckey vs Arsenault
Ice 3. Kneabone vs Berry
Ice 4. Sutherland vs Chowan
         Bye:  MacKay

Nov. 16, 10:00 am
Ice 1. Coffin vs Stuckey
Ice 2. Arsenault vs B Biagé
Ice 3. Callbeck vs Sweetapple
            12:30 pm
Ice 1. Dunn vs Kneabone
Ice 2. Craswell vs R Biage
Ice 3. Durant vs Sutherland
Ice 4. Berry vs MacKay
           Bye:  Chowan

Nov. 23, 10:00 am
Ice 1. Sweetapple vs Arsenault
Ice 2. Sutherland vs R Biagé
Ice 3. Chowan vs Durant
           12:30 pm
Ice 1. Stuckey vs Craswell
Ice 2. Dunn vs MacKay
Ice 3. B Biagé vs Coffin
Ice 4. Kneabone vs Callbeck
           Bye:  Berry

Nov 30 – resched. to March 8 due to storm.

Dec. 7, 10:00 am
Ice 1. Sutherland vs B Biagé
Ice 2. Chowan vs Stuckey
Ice 3. Kneabone vs Coffin
           12:30 pm
Ice 1. Arsenault vs MacKay
Ice 2. Berry vs Callbeck
Ice 3. Sweetapple vs Craswell
Ice 4. Durant vs R Biagé
          Bye:  Dunn

Dec. 14, 10:00 am
Ice 1. Stuckey vs Durant
Ice 2. Craswell vs Kneabone
Ice 3. Arsenault vs Berry
             12:30 pm
Ice 1. Sweetapple vs Sutherland
Ice 2. B Biagé vs Chowan
Ice 3. Callbeck vs Dunn
Ice 4. Coffin vs MacKay
          Bye:  R Biagé

Dec. 21, 10:00 am
Ice 1. Chowan vs Sweetapple
Ice 2. Berry vs Coffin
Ice 3. MacKay vs Craswell
           12:30 pm
Ice 1. Durant vs B Biagé
Ice 2. Sutherland vs Kneabone
Ice 3. R Biagé vs Stuckey
Ice 4. Dunn vs Arsenault
         Bye:  Callbeck

Dec. 28–  no curling…Christmas Break

Jan. 4. 10:00am
Ice 1:  Arsenault vs Callbeck
Ice 2:  B Biage vs R Biage
Ice 3:  Sweetapple vs Durant
Ice 1:  Craswell vs Berry
Ice 2:  Coffin vs Dunn
Ice 3:  MacKay vs Sutherland
Ice 4:  Kneabone vs Chowan
Bye:  Stuckey

Jan. 11. 10:00am
Ice 1:  Dunn vs Craswell
Ice 2:  Durant vs Kneabone
Ice 3:  Stuckey vs B Biage
             12:30 pm
Ice 1:  Callbeck vs Coffin
Ice 2:  R Biage vs Sweetapple
Ice 3:  MacKay vs Chowan
Ice 4:  Sutherland vs Berry
Bye:  Arsenault

Jan 18. 10:00am
Ice 1:  Kneabone vs R Biage
Ice 2:  Dunn vs Sutherland
Ice 3:  Berry vs Chowan
            12:30 pm
Ice 1:  Stuckey vs Sweetapple
Ice 2:  MacKay vs Durant
Ice 3:  Coffin vs Arsenault
Ice 4:  Callbeck vs Craswell
Bye: B Biage

Jan 25. – rescheduled to March 15.

Feb. 1. 10:00 am
Ice 1:  Callbeck vs Chowan
Ice 2:  Berry vs R Biage
Ice 3:  Coffin vs Craswell
            12:30 pm
Ice 1:  Dunn vs Durant
Ice 2:  Arsenault vs Sutherland
Ice 3:  Kneabone vs B Biage
Ice 4:  MacKay vs Stuckey
Bye:  Sweetapple

Feb 8.   No Curling…..Provincial Stick Championship

Feb. 15. 10:00 am
Ice 1:  Sutherland vs Coffin
Ice 2:  B Biage vs MacKay
Ice 3:  Sweetapple vs Kneabone
             12:30 pm
Ice 1:  Chowan vs Arsenault
Ice 2:  Durant vs Callbeck
Ice 3:  Stuckey vs Berry
Ice 4:  R Biage vs Dunn
Bye:  Craswell

Feb. 22..No curling…..55+ WInter Games Curling

March 1. 10:00 am
Ice 1:  MacKay vs Sweetapple
Ice 2:  Dunn vs Stuckey
Ice 3:  Arsenault vs Durant
              12:30 pm
Ice 1:  Craswell vs Sutherland
Ice 2:  Coffin vs Chowan
Ice 3:  Callbeck vs R Biage
Ice 4:  Berry vs B Biage
Bye:  Kneabone

March 8 (resched. from Nov 30),

10:00 am
Ice 1. Dunn vs Berry
Ice 2. Arsenault vs Kneabone
Ice 3. Stuckey vs Sutherland
             12:30 pm
Ice 1. R Biagé vs Chowan
Ice 2. Coffin vs Sweetapple
Ice 3. Callbeck vs MacKay
Ice 4. Craswell vs B Biagé
           Bye:  Durant

March 15 (resched from Jan. 25)

10:00 am
Ice 1:  Durant vs Berry
Ice 2:  Arsenault vs Craswell
Ice 3:  Sutherland vs Callbeck
          12:30 pm
Ice 1:  R Biage vs MacKay
Ice 2:  Stuckey vs Kneabone
Ice 3:  Chowan vs Dunn
Ice 4:  B Biage vs Sweetapple
Bye:  Coffin

Here are the team rosters:

1.  Bryan Sutherland, Jim Orr, Elaine Hughes, Dick MacKinnon
2.  Vern Chowan, Marg Stewart, Pat McCardle, Jean Anderson
3.  Paul Durant, Eugene Murphy, Joanne Durant, Carolyn Crockett
4.  Ray Biagé, Hélène LaPalme, Donald Weeks, Don Graham
5.  Busher Stuckey, Cecil Fraser, Irene Fraser, Linda Stuckey
6.  Barb Duncan-Biagé, Melody Beck, Janette Fraser, Ann Greyborn
7.  Carol Sweetapple, Danielle Girard, Carlene Peters, Helen Smith
8.  Danny Kneabone, Karen Currie, Al MacCormac, Roger Desroches
9.  Diane MacKay, Myron MacKay, Gary O’Sullivan, Don Steeves
10. Shirley Berry, Arleen Harris, Linda Fairhurst, Hanny MacLeod
11. Tom Dunn, Frank Weiler, George Younker, Joe Gill
12.  Lester Callbeck, Nigel Smart, Cliff Sentner, Dave O’Hanley
13. Paul Arsenault, Ron Giggey, Ken Praught, Edgar Coffin
14. Roy Coffin, Myrna Sanderson, Myrna Craswell, Paul Field
15. Barry Craswell, Kimball Blanchard, Vince Fisher, Karen Fisher

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