Monday evening: Montana’s 6:30 Mixed draw, Commercial League

Evening league play kicks off on Monday with the 6:30 pm Montana’s BBQ & Bar single-entry Mixed League, The Commercial League goes at 8:30, with the draws available at that time.

Here are the opening Mixed League draws:

Oct 23, 2017 at 6:30pm

Ice 1: R. Biagé, C. Hodgson, J. Hannam, B. Lindsay vs K. Currie, J. MacKinnon, S. Armsworthy, S. Campbell

Ice 2: A. Davies, A. Mason, E. MacDonald, D. Farrell vs B. Sutherland, B. Gardiner, D. MacEachern, D. Musto

Ice 3: G. Groves, J. Sinclair, M. MacDonald, T. Huestis vs D. Kneabone, D. Weeks, D. Sigsworth, C. MacDonald

Ice 4:  E. LeBlanc, F. Weiler, H. Pierce, C. Shea vs F. Martin, R. Gallant, S. O’Keefe, L. MacEachern

Bye: L. Davies, J. Orr, K. MacDonald, C. MacDougall

Monday Night Commercial League

Oct 23, 2017 at 8:30pm

Draw will be available at start of game.

Here is the full Round One draw for 6:30
If viewing on a smartphone, swipe  table to view all columns. If on a computer, use scrollbar on bottom of table.

Ice #1 vs. Ice #2 vs. Ice #3 vs. Ice #4 vs. Bye
Ray Biagé Karen Currie Angus Davies Bryan Sutherland Greg Groves Danny Kneabone Eric LeBlanc Frank Martin Lorianne Davies
Chris Hodgson Joe MacKinnon Alan Mason Brad Gardiner Jean Sinclair Donald Weeks Frank Weiler Rob Gallant Jim Orr
Jeff Hannam Stephen Armsworthy Elric MacDonald Dean MacEachern Mike MacDonald Debbie Sigsworth Heather Pierce Stephanie O’Keefe Kimberly MacDonald
Byron Lindsay Sharon Campbell Dena Farrell Donna Musto Tara Huestis Colleen MacDonald Claude Shea Lisa MacEachern Chris MacDougall
Frank Martin Lorianne Davies Danny Kneabone Eric LeBlanc Bryan Sutherland Greg Groves Karen Currie Angus Davies Ray Biagé
Rob Gallant Jim Orr Donald Weeks Frank Weiler Brad Gardiner Jean Sinclair Joe MacKinnon Alan Mason Chris Hodgson
Stephanie O’Keefe Kimberly MacDonald Debbie Sigsworth Heather Pierce Dean MacEachern Mike MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Elric MacDonald Jeff Hannam
Lisa MacEachern Chris MacDougall Colleen MacDonald Claude Shea Donna Musto Tara Huestis Sharon Campbell Dena Farrell Byron Lindsay
Angus Davies Ray Biagé Greg Groves Karen Currie Eric LeBlanc Bryan Sutherland Lorianne Davies Danny Kneabone Frank Martin
Alan Mason Chris Hodgson Jean Sinclair Joe MacKinnon Frank Weiler Brad Gardiner Jim Orr Donald Weeks Rob Gallant
Elric MacDonald Jeff Hannam Mike MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Heather Pierce Dean MacEachern Kimberly MacDonald Debbie Sigsworth Stephanie O’Keefe
Dena Farrell Byron Lindsay Tara Huestis Sharon Campbell Claude Shea Donna Musto Chris MacDougall Colleen MacDonald Lisa MacEachern
Danny Kneabone Frank Martin Bryan Sutherland Lorianne Davies Karen Currie Eric LeBlanc Ray Biagé Greg Groves Angus Davies
Donald Weeks Rob Gallant Brad Gardiner Jim Orr Joe MacKinnon Frank Weiler Chris Hodgson Jean Sinclair Alan Mason
Debbie Sigsworth Stephanie O’Keefe Dean MacEachern Kimberly MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Heather Pierce Jeff Hannam Mike MacDonald Elric MacDonald
Colleen MacDonald Lisa MacEachern Donna Musto Chris MacDougall Sharon Campbell Claude Shea Byron Lindsay Tara Huestis Dena Farrell
Greg Groves Angus Davies Eric LeBlanc Ray Biagé Lorianne Davies Karen Currie Frank Martin Bryan Sutherland Danny Kneabone
Jean Sinclair Alan Mason Frank Weiler Chris Hodgson Jim Orr Joe MacKinnon Rob Gallant Brad Gardiner Donald Weeks
Mike MacDonald Elric MacDonald Heather Pierce Jeff Hannam Kimberly MacDonald Stephen Armsworthy Stephanie O’Keefe Dean MacEachern Debbie Sigsworth
Tara Huestis Dena Farrell Claude Shea Byron Lindsay Chris MacDougall Sharon Campbell Lisa MacEachern Donna Musto Colleen MacDonald
Bryan Sutherland Danny Kneabone Karen Currie Frank Martin Ray Biagé Lorianne Davies Angus Davies Eric LeBlanc Greg Groves
Brad Gardiner Donald Weeks Joe MacKinnon Rob Gallant Chris Hodgson Jim Orr Alan Mason Frank Weiler Jean Sinclair
Dean MacEachern Debbie Sigsworth Stephen Armsworthy Stephanie O’Keefe Jeff Hannam Kimberly MacDonald Elric MacDonald Heather Pierce Mike MacDonald
Donna Musto Colleen MacDonald Sharon Campbell Lisa MacEachern Byron Lindsay Chris MacDougall Dena Farrell Claude Shea Tara Huestis
Eric LeBlanc Greg Groves Lorianne Davies Angus Davies Frank Martin Ray Biagé Danny Kneabone Karen Currie Bryan Sutherland
Frank Weiler Jean Sinclair Jim Orr Alan Mason Rob Gallant Chris Hodgson Donald Weeks Joe MacKinnon Brad Gardiner
Heather Pierce Mike MacDonald Kimberly MacDonald Elric MacDonald Stephanie O’Keefe Jeff Hannam Debbie Sigsworth Stephen Armsworthy Dean MacEachern
Claude Shea Tara Huestis Chris MacDougall Dena Farrell Lisa MacEachern Byron Lindsay Colleen MacDonald Sharon Campbell Donna Musto

Draw Sponsors for 2017-2018 Season

A big thanks to Kimberley MacDonald for going out and obtaining sponsors for all our draws, and to our generous sponsors, who donate prizes (mostly gift certificates) to our draw winners. Be sure to support their businesses whenever you can, and to thank them for their support. We endeavor to get the prizes to you as soon as possible at the end of each draw.

Monday Evening Single Entry:

Draw 1:  Montana’s BBQ & Bar
Draw 2: Cornwall Pizza Delight
Draw 3: Cornwall Independent Grocer

Tuesday Evening Competitive Team League: MR Seafood

Daytime Team League: The Iceman (Lance Lowther)
Evening Ladder League:
Draw 1: Pool A – Lowther’s Snow Removal
Draw 1: Pool B – Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant

Draw 2: Pool A – Water & Prince Corner Shop & Lobster Pound
Draw 2: Pool B- Lowther’s Snow Removal

Draw 3: Pool A- Wally’s Pharmasave
Draw 3: Pool B– New Glasgow Lobster Supper

Thursday Evening Single Entry League
Draw 1: Pizza Delight
Draw 2: Mary’s Cornwall Bake Shop
Draw 3: Griffin’s Auto Service Centre

Saturday Morning U16 Developmental League/Junior Program

Wendy’s Restaurants

Wednesday evening Ladder League Teams, Qualifier Night Draw

Fourteen teams have signed up for this season’s Wednesday evening (semi-competitive) Ladder League. Here are the rosters (if they don’t fit on your smartphone screen, swipe to scroll right and  left)

1     2     3  
Skip Paul Neima   Skip Greg Groves   Skip David Younker
Third Joe Callaghan   Third Donald Weeks   Third Gary O’Sullivan
Second Alan Mason   Second Marjorie Matthews   Second Des Nantes
Lead Jeff Hannam   Lead Ken Monaghan   Lead Ann Younker
4     5     6  
Skip Kim Nicholson   Skip Ray Biagé   Skip Gord Peters
Third Jean Sinclair   Third Derek Gallant   Third Hank Kamphuis
Second Darlene Howlett   Second Rebecca Rolfe   Second Gerald Dykerman
Lead Dena Farrell   Lead Derek MacEwen   Lead Pat MacInnis
7     8     9  
Skip Rob Gallant   Skip Emily Sanderson   Skip Bill Hope
Third Hans Wicki   Third Emma Coffin   Third Peter Murdoch
Second Kim MacDoanld   Second Kaylee Stewart   Second David Murphy
Lead Kellie-Lynn Younker   Lead Anna Maria MacDonald   Lead Craig Mackie
10     11     12  
Skip Kelly Watts   Skip Rachel MacLean   Skip Greg Robertson
Third Cathy Handren   Third Avery Nicholson   Third Laura Arsenault
Second Paula Ling   Second Jordan Dunphy-Condon   Second Jessica MacPherson
Lead Krista Affleck   Lead Olivia Barbour   Lead Jeff Arsenault
13     14        
Skip Josh McInnis   Skip Peter Joostema      
Third Jesse Kennedy   Third Stephen Hickey      
Second Mitch Dunphy   Second George Zafiris      
Lead Bob Deziel   Lead Bob Wakelin      

We will have two pools of seven teams each. The first evening, October 25, will be “Qualifier Night. We draw teams at random to play each other, with the winners going to the A pool and the losers going to the B.

Following Qualifier Night, we will then play three seven week rounds, with each team playing the other six teams in their pool, plus one crossover game, where they play a team from the other pool. The A and B pools will alternate between 6:30 and 8:30 pm draws times on sheets 1 through 3, with the crossover game always taking place on sheet 4 at 6:30. The A pool will get the early draw the first night, as they had the late draw the last game last season. The A and B pool winners from each round will receive prizes from our generous sponsors. At the end of each round, the bottom three teams from the A pool will drop down to B, while the top three teams from B will move on up to the the A pool, so there will be lots of movement between the pools.

Looking at the calendar, Draw One will go on Nov, 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29, plus Dec. 6 and 13. Draw Two will run Dec. 20,  Jan. 3 (if no conflict with the Tankard and Scotties),  10, 17, 24, and 31, and Feb. 8. Round three will go Feb. 14, 21, and 28, March 7, 14, 21, and 28. April 5 is also available if Jan, 3 is not, otherwise it could be used as a storm makeup day..

Here we go with the Random Draw for Qualifier Night, using Random,org.

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

 5   3
 6  12
14   1
 7  11
13   8
10   2
 4   9

Timestamp: 2017-10-21 00:29:21 UTC

Here is the Qualifier Night Draw for Oct. 25. 

6:30 pm
Ice 1: Ray Biagé vs David Younker
Ice 2: Gord Peters vs Greg Robertson
Ice 3: Peter Joostema vs Paul Neima
Ice 4: Rob Gallant vs Rachel MacLean

8:30 pm
Ice 1: Josh McInnis vs Emily Sanderson
Ice 2: Kelly Watts vs Greg Groves
Ice 3: Kim Nicholson vs Bill Hope

Rules (credit: some come from the Ottawa Curling Club’s Ladder League)

  • Open semi-competitive league. Any player can play any position, and you can change from game to game.
  • 3 game points for a win, 1 game point for a loss, 0 game points for a loss by default. Mark this and your team’s points scored (“score points”) on the scoresheet. In the case of a default, award one score point per end to the winning team. In the case of a tie, award an additional score point for the draw to the button winner. If your score is not marked and you win, you will get one score point more than the losing team. If you lose, you will receive zero score points.
  • In the event of a default, the non-defaulting team will receive one score point for each scheduled end.
  • To break ties at the end of the round between teams with the same record, the tied teams are ranked by applying the following rules in order until one tie is broken. If a one or more ties remain, the rules are applied to each tie starting from rule 1. The process continues until all ties are broken and all teams are ranked.
    1. The teams are ranked using their head-to-head record against the other teams in the tie.
    2. The teams are ranked using the point differential for their games in the round against the other teams in the tie.
    3. The teams are ranked using the point differential for all the games in the round against all teams.
    4. The teams are ranked using their initial ranking in the round.
  • Ties: Decided by skip’s rocks with sweeping (by your team only).
  • Avoiding defaults/using spares: At least one regular team member (and three players in total) must be present for the game to count, or else a default is posted.  Spares should not play a higher position than the player replaced.
  • Storms: Any games cancelled due to storms, etc. either be moved to the end of the draw, if time permits, or NOT played. All subsequent weeks will remain where they were, and any draws missed will be added to the end of the round, if there are enough spare weeks in the season to play them, or cancelled. Any changes to this will be posted on
  • Teams may reschedule games to a different date and /or time by mutual consent. but ice time is often hard to find.
  • The buzzer will be used to ensure the teams are off the ice within the 2-hour time period.  If the buzzer sounds, teams will complete the current end in play to finish  the game. If tied, the standard draw to the button will then take place.

– Derek MacEwen

Wednesday Night Drawmaster

Tuesday Competitive League Draw

Here is the first draw for the 15 team Tuesday Evening Competitive League. Please note that there WILL be a draw on Hallowe’en this year. One team has a bye each evening (unless we find another team). We’ll have team rosters later.

(If viewing this on a phone, drag the table with your fingers to view the entire table.)

Date Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
Oct 24th  06:30 PM D Schut vs Creighton Smith vs MacDonald Howatt vs Spence  M Schut vs Taylor
  08:30 PM Lenentine vs Berry O’Rourke vs B Hope Durant vs S Hope Rhodenhizer – bye
Oct 31st 06:30 PM Rhodenhizer vs MacDonald D Schut vs Howatt Smith vs Taylor Lenentine vs Spence
  08:30 PM  M Schut vs B Hope Durant vs Berry O’Rourke vs S Hope Creighton – bye
Nov 7th 06:30 PM Lenentine vs Durant Taylor vs S Hope Howatt vs O’Rourke MacDonald vs Berry
  08:30 PM Creighton vs  M Schut Rhodenhizer vs Spence D Schut vs Smith B Hope – bye
Nov 14th 06:30 PM MacDonald vs Taylor Creighton vs Lenentine Rhodenhizer vs B Hope D Schut vs Durant
  08:30 PM Smith vs S Hope O’Rourke vs Spence  M Schut vs Berry Howatt – bye
Nov 21st 06:30 PM Berry vs Spence O’Rourke vs Smith D Schut vs S Hope Durant vs Rhodenhizer
  08:30 PM Creighton vs B Hope Lenentine vs MacDonald Howatt vs Taylor  M Schut – bye
Nov 28th 06:30 PM Taylor vs B Hope Howatt vs Durant MacDonald vs S Hope Creighton vs O’Rourke
  08:30 PM Rhodenhizer vs Berry D Schut vs  M Schut Smith vs Spence Lenentine – bye
Dec 5th 06:30 PM Creighton vs Howatt Rhodenhizer vs Taylor D Schut vs Lenentine Smith vs B Hope
  08:30 PM Durant vs Spence  M Schut vs S Hope O’Rourke vs Berry MacDonald – bye
Dec12th 06:30 PM B Hope vs S Hope Lenentine vs O’Rourke Taylor vs Berry Howatt vs  M Schut
  08:30 PM MacDonald vs Spence Creighton vs Smith D Schut vs Rhodenhizer Durant – bye
Dec 19th 06:30 PM  M Schut vs Smith D Schut vs Berry O’Rourke vs Rhodenhizer Creighton vs S Hope
  08:30 PM Durant vs MacDonald Howatt vs B Hope Lenentine vs Taylor Spence – bye
Jan 2nd 06:30 PM O’Rourke vs  M Schut S Hope vs Spence Durant vs Smith D Schut vs B Hope
  08:30 PM Lenentine vs Rhodenhizer Creighton vs Taylor Howatt vs MacDonald Berry – bye
Jan 16th 06:30 PM S Hope vs Berry Durant vs  M Schut B Hope vs Spence Lenentine vs Smith
  08:30 PM D Schut vs Taylor Howatt vs Rhodenhizer Creighton vs MacDonald O’Rourke  – bye
Jan 23rd 06:30 PM Howatt vs Lenentine MacDonald vs B Hope Creighton vs Durant Rhodenhizer vs S Hope
  08:30 PM D Schut vs O’Rourke Smith vs Berry  M Schut vs Spence Taylor – bye
Jan 30th 06:30 PM Durant vs O’Rourke B Hope vs Berry Lenentine vs  M Schut Taylor vs Spence
  08:30 PM Howatt vs Smith D Schut vs MacDonald Creighton vs Rhodenhizer S Hope – bye
Feb 6th 06:30 PM D Schut vs Spence  M Schut vs Rhodenhizer Creighton vs Berry O’Rourke vs MacDonald
  08:30 PM Howatt vs S Hope Durant vs Taylor Lenentine vs B Hope Smith – bye
Feb 13th 06:30 PM Smith vs Rhodenhizer Creighton vs Spence  M Schut vs MacDonald Howatt vs Berry
  08:30 PM O’Rourke vs Taylor Lenentine vs S Hope Durant vs B Hope D Schut – bye

Wendy’s Sat. morning U16 league starts Oct. 28. Room for more teams

The Saturday Morning Under 16 Junior Development League, sponsored by Wendy’s Restaurants, starts on October 28 at the Cornwall Curling Club. Teams from all Island curling facilities are welcome. Seven teams have signed up so far, and there is room for more. The league is designed for teams of age to compete in the 2019 Canada Winter Games i.e. born on July 1 2000 or later.

Please ensure your team and team contacts are listed on the Junior League sign in sheet.

The league will be playing a round robin format beginning Saturday, Oct 28th.

The tentative dates are:

Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11, Dec 9, Dec 16, Dec 23, Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 17, Mar 10, Mar 24 (if needed)

Please let us know of potential conflicts with the above dates. Due to the busy schedule of some teams, it will be impossible to handle all requests, and some teams may need to schedule make-up games.

The entry fee per player is $40.00 + HST. (A $17 Curl PEI/Curling Canada  fee will also be collected if not already paid at a PEI club this season)

The complete schedule and score sheet will be available on the first day of play (Oct 28).

For more info, contact the Cornwall Curling Club at (902) 566-4427 or


1. Round Robin format

2.  6 end games

  1. If eight teams or fewer, games will start at 9:30 Saturday Morning on the dates indicated. If nine teams or more, there will be 9 and 10:30 am draws. The 10:30 draws will go on the first available sheets from the earlier draw.
  2. Score will be tabulated as follows:  5 points for a win; 2.5 points each for a tie; 2 points for each end won; 1 point each for blank ends. 
  3. Teams are responsible for marking their score when they come off the ice. Players are strongly encouraged to play all 6 ends regardless of score.  If a team does decide to retire early the other team will be awarded 2 points for the remaining ends.
  4. Coaches / Chaperones can go out to the ice when they see an opportunity to teach their team. The spirit of the rule is to allow the coaches to help their teams think about different possibilities and learn, not just call the shots for the team. Other reasons may include helping their teams with etiquette, speeding up play or perhaps interpreting the rules.
  5. Have FUN and Good Curling!

Here are photos from last year’s league, taken by Marci White.

Still room for a few teams on Tue. and Wed. evenings

We still have (limited) spots available for teams in the Tuesday and Wednesday evening team leagues. Contact the Club if interested (sorry – this picture is a bit outdated!).

Attention email subscribers!

We are having a number of problems with the system that we have been using since 2009 to email out copies of our website posts to our email subscribers. Because of this, we have replaced it with a new one, and converted our existing subscribers. Please bear with us as we fine tune it! 

By the way, you can also get our posts via Facebook by liking or following our page, and on Twitter @Cornwallcurling. 

Daytime Curling, Jr. Practice, FREE Adult Curling School, Registration start today (Monday)!

Curling is underway at the Cornwall Curling Club! We had our Cornfest Open House yesterday, and have a busy day today, with Daytime Curling getting underway at 10 am ($10 drop-ins/$80 for a pack of 10 are welcome, or pay your membership before you curl), where teams are made up as players arrive. Junior team practice takes place this afternoon, and our FREE, no-obligation Adult Curling School, Open House, and New Members Registration starts at 6:30 pm Monday thru Wed. Come any or all nights. If you always wanted to try curling, now’s your chance!



Cornwall teams make the semi-finals in action on the mainland this past weekend

On the Atlantic curling scene, Cornwall’s Veronica Smith team, with Jane DiCarlo at third, Sabrina Smith at second, and lead Whitney Young, lost in the semi-finals at  the Capital Cup in Fredericton NB. They’re busy the next two weekends, too, competing at the Lady Monctonian in Moncton, NB, followed by the Dave Jones Spiel in Halifax, 

In Junior action, 28 teams from five provinces, including seven from PEI, were taking part in the CCE Maritime Junior Spiel at Curl Moncton. There was only one age category, so many of the younger teams were there mainly to gain competitive curling experience. The PEI women’s rinks were skipped by Lauren Ferguson, PEI Junior champ Lauren Lenentine, and PEI U13 champ Clara Jack, all out of Cornwall, plus a new Charlottetown rink skipped by Annika Kelly, with New Brunswick’s Cynthia Pearson, attending school on PEI, playing third, Annika’s sister Tati Kelly at second, and Meghan Ching playing lead.

Photo: Action at the Maritime Junior spiel in Moncton on Sunday morning. Team Lenentine is in white on the left sheet, Team Schut is in red on the second sheet

The PEI  junior men’s rinks included the Mitchell Schut team out of Cornwall, the Chase MacMillan foursome from Charlottetown, and the Alex MacFadyen rink out of the Silver Fox in Summerside. Also at the event were reigning PEI Junior champ Tyler Smith, now playing third for the Liam Marin rink out of the Thistle St. Andrews club in Saint John NB, and Brooks Roche, who was on Tyler’s Junior championship team, and is now playing third for the Ryan Abraham rink out of the Halifax Mayflower club.

The Lenentine team went 3-0 in the round robin to advance to the semi-finals in the women’s division, losing a close 6-5 decision to Cally Moore of CFB Halifax, when Lenentine’s final rock was just a touch heavy. Lenentine  then played in the game to determine third and 4th place, again losing 6-5, to the Erica Cluff rink from the Woodstock and Thistle St. Andrews clubs in NB. Moore took on Kaitlyn Jones of Halifax in the championship game, with Jones winning 6-3.
PEI’s Kelly rink finished round robin play with a 2-1 record, losing their game against eventual winner Jones, and then took on Lenentine in the quarter-finals, losing 6-3.
Cornwall’s young Clara Jack team won their Consolation game 7-5 over Kate Paterson of the Carleton Curling Club in Saint John, to finish with a 1-3 win-loss record.
Their clubmates the Lauren Ferguson rink won two of their three round robin games, but lost 4-1 to Vanessa Roy of the host club  in their Consolation game to finish with an even 2-2 record.

The junior men’s event was won by the Owen Purcell rink from Chester NS, who defeated the Ryan Abraham foursome from the Halifax Mayflower club, which includes PEI’s Brooks Roche at third, by a 4-3 score in the championship game. The Marin rink, which includes Tyler Smith, lost 8-5 to Vincent Roberge from the Etchemin club in Quebec in their quarter-final game.

PEI’s MacFadyen rink beat the younger MacMillan team in their round robin encounter. Both teams recorded losses to event runner-up Abraham, and to third place finisher Roberge to go to their consolation games. MacFadyen won his 9-5 over Layton MacCabe from the host club. MacMillan lost his to Michael Donovan from Curl Moncton .
The Mitchell Schut team lost three fairly close round robin games, but went on to pick up a  7-1 win over Brennan LeBlanc of the host club in their consolation match.

Many of the teams of eligibility age for the 2019 Canada Winter Games will be competing in a warmup spiel this coming weekend at the Gage Curling Club in Oromocto NB. Also coming up is a U21 and Canada Games age spiel Nov. 3-5 in Saint John, and the Fall Fling U21 spiel in Summerside, Nov. 17-19.

Club brochure updated for 2017-18 season

Here’s our Club brochure, in Adobe PDF format, updated for season. For best reading, print it out double-sided, and fold it in trifold style. Feel free to print it out and give it to your friends!

Click to download Club brochure