Ice and facilities rentals

Book our ice and/or hall facilities for your next office party or corporate retreat, family bonspiel, or fun time with friends!

Renting one sheet of ice for 8 curlers for two hours is a bargain at under $10 a person, plus taxes (it’s cheaper than the movies and many other activities!). We provide the renters with curling brushes, and sliders – just bring clean sneakers, and wear stretchy or loose pants and a light jacket. We can also provide basic curling instruction, and bar services are available, too!
Here are our ice rental prices (HST will be added). Contact us for hall options or different number of sheets or rental times.

1 sheet for 2 hours: $75

4 sheets for 2 hours: $185

4 sheets for 4 hours: $300

4 sheets for 8 hours: $530

Call us at 902-566-4427 or email to book, or for different sheet quantities, catering or hall options.

We can seat up to 100 people in our clubhouse area, which includes a bar and a small kitchen. The larger upstairs Civic Centre hall, which has a full kitchen, may also be rented. There is also a portable bar which we can use to serve this area. We have a number of catering options available, or you can use our clubhouse kitchen facilities at no additional cost, or use your own caterers.