2015 Golf Tournament entries

We’ll be adding entries here as they come in.

Email us at info@cornwallcurling.com and we’ll add your name.

Entries (Bob has others that have not been included here):

Boyd Anderson
Donald Weeks
Janette Fraser
Glynne Squires
Val MacLean
Roy Coffin
Bob Fowler
Edgar Coffin
Krista Affleck
Lew Black
Bryan Sutherland
Brent Irving
Angela Sanderson
Jim Orr
Carol Sweetapple
Eric LeBlanc
Patricia McCardle
John Berry
Shirley Berry
Kim Glydon
Rebecca Rolfe
Bill Hope
Sandy Hope
Cathy MacDougall
Tracy MacDonald
Margaret Stewart
Jean Anderson
Shelley Ebbett
Kimball Blanchard
Eileen Blanchard
Brad Gardiner
David MacSwain
Gord Peters
Lester Callbeck
Karen Fisher
Vince Fisher
Paul Neima
Tom Dunn
Derek MacEwen



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