Confused about curling brushes? Here’s the scoop!

Curl PEI, Curling Canada, and the World Curling Federation have recently come out with rulings and interpretations in response to the so-called “BroomGate”. Basically, it boils down to this:

Unless you are competing in a designated event, you can use any curling brush or pad that you wish. On PEI, those designated events are:

  1.       PEI U18 Championships
  2.       PEI Pepsi Juniors Championships
  3.       PEI Scotties Tournament of Hearts Women’s Championship
  4.       PEI Tankard Men’s Championship
  5.       PEI Seniors Championships
  6.       PEI Mixed Championship
  7.       PEI Travelers Curling Club Championship
  8.       PEI Mixed Doubles Championship (starting in 2017)

For normal club play and for other PEI events not specified above (or otherwise noted), you can, and may want to, use a conventional brush pad or pad cover.  The material is less expensive, will last longer, and may work better for sweeping too. If you are competing in off-Island events, be sure to check for any restrictions.

The new designated sweeping material (“Mustard Yellow Oxford 420D”) comes in yellow only, is more expensive, wears out faster, and comes with an imprinted registration number that identifies it to curling officials at the designated events.

Titre du rapport génerique

Our Pro Shop has a wide variety of brush pads, and Hardline brush pad covers for regular and for designated event play. Of course, if you are sweeping with an older brush, you may not be able to find a compatible brush pad compliant with the designated events. You may also have to replace the  brush head or even buy a new brush. Our “Performance” brush pads are compliant with most recent heads from other companies such as Goldline and Balance Plus, but may not fit older models. We also have brush heads that will fit on almost any handle. The Hardline brush heads come with an adapter sleeve to fit “fatter” handles.

Best thing to do is bring your brush to the Club to find the best solution to your needs. 

By the way, to save on wear and tear, our Club brushes are designated for rental use only, and we charge a small fee for their use in the 2nd half of the season. Our Club members are expected to have their own brushes. If you have been using a Club brush, be sure to ask Santa for a brush of your own for Christmas. We feature quality, Canadian-made products from great companies such as Hardline, Performance Brush, and Balance Plus. If we don’t have it in stock, we can bring it in for you.


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