Notice of Proposed Bylaw Amendment (for AGM)

It is proposed to make the following amendment to Bylaw 1.2.2 in order to clarify the expectations of conduct of club members and provide a complaint and resolution process. This will require Members’ approval at the Annual General Meeting on May 11.

By-Law 1.2.2 would be changed from:

1.2.2 Members shall conform to the by-laws and regulations of the Club and shall conduct themselves in a decorous manner at all times.


1.2.2 Members shall conform to the by-laws and regulations of the Club and shall conduct themselves in a decorous manner while in the club, on club grounds or at club events. Inappropriate behavior shall not be tolerated. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to; use of profanity, not respecting personal space, any harassing comments on body shape, race, religion or curling skill.

  • Complaint Process: When there is a complaint of inappropriate conduct or harassment made against a club member it should be reported to a member of either the Daytime Board or the Board of Directors.  The board member shall inform the President that a complaint has been lodged.  The President will then task a board member to investigate the incident and discuss the issue with both the complainant and the accused.  In investigating the complaint, the investigator may need to speak with one or more witnesses to clarify the issue. If the complaint is found to be valid then corrective action will be taken.  If a complaint deals with issues that contravene the Criminal Code of Canada, that issue shall be turned over to the appropriate Police Services to investigate.  All investigations are to be treated as confidential and the complainant, accused and witnesses should be warned to keep all discussions confidential.
  •  Corrective Action: For the first offense, the accused would be provided a verbal warning of what corrective action(s) are required to address the inappropriate behavior. A note shall be placed on file in case further incidents occur. A second offense would lead to a formal written warning provided to the accused indicating the corrective action(s) required.  A copy of all formal warnings must be retained on Club files.  That formal warning would also indicate that any further inappropriate conduct could result in suspension in accordance with By-Law 1.4.2.  Note that depending on the severity of the incident the Board can move to suspend in accordance with By-Law 1.4.2 even for the first offense.


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