AGM Highlights: Another successful season for the Cornwall Curling Club

Friday evening’s Annual General Meeting highlighted another successful season here at the Cornwall Curling Club. Here’s a summary.


The Club continues to be in great financial shape, with a small dues increase and an increase of over $7000 in Pro Shop sales giving the Club a net profit of $5,625, offsetting last year’s loss of $4234 despite increases in salaries due to cost of living and to an increase in the provincial minimum wage. 50X50 profits were double last year’s, and our hosting of the Scotties/Tankard brought in $2270 in admission revenues.. The Club will be starting next season with approximately $22,000 in the bank.

Here are some other highlights of the past season. The success of our championship teams has been mentioned previously.

Bonspiels, Volunteers

A number of well-organized and successful bonspiels were held this past season, with help from our many volunteers.


On the daytime curling side, the Wednesday league had a full complement of 16 teams using four ices in the morning as well as four in the afternoon. The Daytime Curlers, as a result of their fundraising efforts, were able to buy additional cutlery for the Club and pay half on the new wireless microphone system.

Evening draws went well, too, while the Junior program reported 35 members registered.


It was a banner year for sponsorship, with all draws and bonspiels sponsored, and all ice house signs sold. The KFC sign will be coming down by fall (the local franchise has new owners), but another sign has been sold to take its place.

Bylaw Amendment

The Bylaw amendment announced for the meeting was carried successfully after several changes.


Looking forward to next year, we will be hosting  both the Maritime  and the Canadian Stick Championships, the Provincial Under 18, which now leads to a national championship, and the provincial Canada Winter Games Selection Finals.

With help from Curl PEI, will also be piloting a 10 week daytime curlers Learn to Curl program, modelled after the successful evening one. To accommodate increasing demand for the new Olympic sport of Mixed Doubles curling, as demonstrated by the two sold-out bonspiels we held this year, a Mixed Doubles  league is planned for Sunday evening at 6:30.. The Under 16 developmental Junior League, held on selected Saturdays, is slated to return on Oct. 20.

Election of Officers

Alan Mason, Kimberley MacDonald, Chris Creighton and Darlene Howlett have completed their terms of office.
Angela Sanderson, who took the season off due to an injury, will be returning to the Board, along with new Board members Lacey Gallant, Chris MacDougall, and Peter Murdoch. 

Open Discussion 

It was noted that the current lease with our landlords, the Town of Cornwall, is up December 31. A favourable renewal is anticipated.

There was some discussion about curling etiquette. The Board will come up with ideas to better educate curlers on this.

The five rock rule has been approved by the World Curling Federation, and is expected to be included in the Curling Canada rulebook for next season. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.



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