All about our Pro Shop, and our Club Operating Hours

The Cornwall Curling Club is currently in a limited operational mode as we prepare for full opening on October 15th, with our Manager Bev McCormick busy getting our new online registration system and other things in order. Our Pro Shop, which we believe is PEI’s largest and best curling supply store, will be getting stocked over the next few weeks, with many items available after a big order of our top-selling Hardline Curling line arrives the week of Oct. 1, with the Pro Shop fully stocked by October 15th. Other brands we carry include Balance Plus, Acacia, Tournament, and (limited) Goldline. In the meantime, we do have items from last year in stock, so give us a call if you need something, and we may have it. Our manager is in and out of the Club as she gets everything ready for the season, so call first at (902) 566-4427 to avoid disappointment.

Our staff is available after Oct 15th from 2pm-10:30pm Mon, Tue, Wed,  and Thurs. There is curling before 2 pm, but the Daytime Curlers look after it, and regular staff aren’t normally on duty. Sundays we will be open at 12:30pm until Juniors, practices, and evening leagues are done for the day. Friday and Sat.  hours depend on events and rentals. Please call if you are coming on weekends, or before 2 pm on weekdays if you want to purchase something, to ensure that the manager or her staff are here.

New this year from Hardline Curling:
Country Broom (No photo yet) $179.95
Rebel Broom (also comes in 1” hot pink) $179.95
image for the Rebel broom with the Rebel icepad
Composite Broom: $99.95 (no picture yet).
Recreational curlers love the icePad as well – the Pro fabric lasts 10x longer than any other fabric, saves them money, and saves them energy with its easy to sweep with characteristics. However, due to the cost of the high end carbon fibre broom there are customers looking for a less costly alternative which is why we are happy to announce our entry into the composite broom market. The head will be an icePad “lite” version which will be very similar to the original icePad, but without all the bells/whistles and only approved for recreational curling. The new composite broom will be in direct competition with our competitors’ mid-range brooms, and Hardline believes it will become the best choice in this market segment. 
Helmets: $49.95

With new safety regulations that Curling Canada is releasing, we wanted to make sure we have the product to meet the expected needs of curlers who will require helmets. All helmet sizes will be available.

Products from other companies:

Acacia Shoes:
Icons $139.95
Sizes 5-13, 3/16” slider
Hackers $129.95 – $149.95
Matrix $129.95- $149.95
Stick Curling Shoes
size 5-13 $119.95
Also, to ensure that you don’t slip on the ice, or put debris on it, it is recommended to replace your gripper every year.
We carry Balance Plus and Tournament grippers, for $19.95 & $21.95
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