Cornwall hosting both Maritime and Canadian stick curling ch’ships this season

There’s been a lot of interest in two person per team curling recently, especially with Canada winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the relatively new sport of Mixed Doubles. The Cornwall Curling Club has been playing 2-person curling for years, with their popular Stick Curling league. With stick curling, rock delivery is done from a standing position, with a “delivery stick” as opposed to bending down to deliver from an ice-level “hack”.

The Cornwall Curling Club will be hosting both the Maritime and the Canadian 2 person stick curling championships this season, with the Maritime, which they last hosted in 2016, taking place from March 15-17 2019., and the  Canadian championship being held from March 31 to April 3rd.  Cornwall previously hosted the national event back in 2013, winning both divisions on home ice.
For entry details for the Canadians, visit

Volunteers will be required to help make both of these events a success. We’ll have more info on these championships as they approach.

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