Update: Ebbett, Sanderson rinks win Wednesday Ladder League round one, Pools set for round two

Round one of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League concluded Wednesday evening, with the Shelley Ebbett rink winning the “A” Pool, and the Emily Sanderson rink taking the “B”. The Ebbett rink and the Kim Nicholson team were tied going into their final game, against each other, but Ebbett, and her team of Kim Pippy and Paulette Richard, helped out by Joe Callaghan who was sparing for Colleen Soltermann, were on their game this evening, and picked up the win. The Sanderson team were leading by a couple of games and had secured the B Pool top spot before tonight’s match. Other members of the team are Emma Coffin, Kaylee Stewart, and AnnaMaria MacDonald. The Ebbett team won $25 Cornwall Curling Club gift certificates, courtesy of sponsor Lowther’s Snow Removal, while the Sanderson squad won $20 gift certificates for Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant.

The pools for Round Two have now been determined, with the Rachel MacLean, Greg Groves, and Mark MacDonald rinks moving from A to B, and the Emily Sanderson, Rob Gallant, and Greg Robertson teams moving from B to A. MacDonald was tied with Josh McInnis at 4 losses each, but McInnis beat them 7-5 in their round one game and gets to stay in the A pool. We’ll post the full Round Two schedule as soon as we can.

Here are the Round Two pools:

A Pool

1-Shelley Ebbett
2-Kim Nicholson
3-Paul Neima
4-Lauren Ferguson
5-Josh McInnis
6-Emily Sanderson
7-Rob Gallant
8-Greg Robertson

B Pool
1-Mark MacDonald
2-Rachel MacLean
3-Greg Groves
4-David Younker
5-Kelly Watts
6-Ray Biagé
7-Hank Kamphuis
8-Peter Joostema

There is no curling on Boxing Day, so Round Two, sponsored by D.P. Murphy Inc. (Wendys) and again by Lowther’s Snow Removal, will be starting on January 2nd, with the “A” pool having the early draw the first night.

(Right to Left) A Pool winners Shelley Ebbett, Paulette Richard, and Kim Pippy. Missing from photo is Colleen Soltermann

(Right to Left): B Pool winners Emily Sanderson, Emma Coffin, Kaylee Stewart, and AnnaMaria MacDonald.


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