Our club championships are coming up on the 18th, 19th: notes, eligibility rules

Our Club Championships to determine our Men’s and Women’s teams for the provincial Curling Club Championships (Feb. 22-26 in O’Leary) are coming up January 18 and 19.

2018 national Curling Club Championships PEI Women’s Team, skipped by Debbie Rhodenhizer (left).  (Curling Canada/Jordan Pinder photo)


Here’s what we know about the rules and the event.

– The sponsorship deal with Travelers Canada was scheduled to end on December 31.
– As far as we know (they’ve worked on eligibility rules) Curling Canada intends to hold a national Curling Club Championship for the 2019 season. These championships have always been held in November. No dates or venue have yet been announced.
– Depending on sponsorship, these may (or may not) be additional expenses to go to the national event, compared with previous seasons.

Here are the eligibility rules for PEI.

CURL PEI – 2018/19 Curling Club Championships Eligibility Requirements

We trust that all participants will respect the intent of this championship for curling clubs to engage their members to participate and represent their curling club at a regional competition which leads to the provincial / territorial championship and ultimately the national curling club championships.
The event was created for true club-based teams. The objective is to support the development of grassroots curling across Canada.

With this objective in mind, here are the eligibility requirements for events leading to the November 2019 national curling club championships. Curling Canada reserves the right to exclude any team that violates the spirit and intent of this event as it pertains to the rules below:

1) The curling club represented by each team, must be affiliated with Curl PEI, must be in good standing with all applicable dues paid in full.
2) Players of any club team must be members in good standing of the affiliated curling club.
3) Any competitor is not required to be a Canadian citizen.
4) All four (4) members and any alternates must be bona fide residents within PEI unless granted an exception by Curl PEI.
5) Any player can be a member of more than one affiliated curling club, but must declare one “home club” for this competition.
6) Curl PEI is limiting the number of teams qualifying from each club to one per gender.
7) Teams must qualify under one of the following conditions:
   (a) Regular league players, or;
   (b) A club championship process, or;
   (c) A designated Curling Club Championship event within the club;
   (d) In each of Rule 7) (a)(b)(c), teams must have three (3) or more players who have played together in a sanctioned club league during the current curling season.
   (e) Clubs that only have mixed or open leagues (i.e., no men’s and / or women’s set team leagues) may be granted an exemption to Rule (6)(d) by written request to Curl PEI.
8) The use of the delivery stick by any or all four players (and any alternate) IS acceptable subject to the Curling Canada rules under Rule 19. Curling With A Delivery Stick.
9) Once a four-person team enters the club championships playdowns, a maximum of one (1) replacement player from the club is allowed.
10) The replacement player must play the lead position (throwing & sweeping) and must be an active member in good standing of the affiliated curling club.
11) Teams who play exclusively in a major / super league – where teams from more than one club compete – are ineligible for the Curling Club Championships unless the team competes in another eligible league in an affiliated club.
12) Each four-person team is allowed one (1) player:
   (a) Who has played in any named Curling Canada event* in any season (regardless of finish) or,
   (b) Who has played in a Tier 1 Grand Slam event in any season (regardless of finish).
For example: Craig Savill plays in a Wednesday night league with three friends but he also represented Ontario last season at the Brier with his elite team. Craig and his Wednesday night team of friends would be eligible for the Curling Club Championships;
However, the other three (3) team members of Craig’s Wednesday team cannot
have played in the following:
(i) Any Tier 1 Grand Slam event in the current season and the past two (2) seasons.
(ii) Any Canada event* in the current season and the previous two (2) seasons.
* Curling Canada events include: Canada Cup, Juniors, Tournament of Hearts, Brier, Seniors.
*NOTE* In 2019/2020 Curling Canada events will include: Mixed, Canada Cup, Juniors,
Tournament of Hearts, Brier, Seniors, Mixed Doubles, University, College, and Under 18.
13) Alternate players at the Brier, Tournament of Hearts or any Curling Canada event are considered
as having not to have played in those events.
14) Players who won the 2018 Curl PEI Curling Club Championships are ineligible to compete this
season at any level.
15) Each team is comprised of a minimum of three (3) players that are a minimum of 19 years of
age or over as of June 30th the year prior to the national championship. For example, a player
must be 19 years of age on June 30th, 2019 for the November 2019 National Curling Club
16) Any team is allowed one (1) player under 19 years of age whom shall be considered a “minor” and must be accompanied by a legal guardian (or a chaperone identified by the legal guardian) for the duration of the event including departure from home and return to their home. A legal guardian can be a parent on the team. The team is responsible to cover all costs associated with legal guardian who is not a team member.
17) Curling Canada has the sole authority to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances. Any request must be submitted by Curl PEI. Curling Canada will consult with Curl PEI and will notify them within five (5) business in writing of any decision. The Curling Canada
decision may not be appealed.

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