Kenmac Energy Funspiel Draw, Schedule, Rosters, Rules

Here are the opening draws for the Kenmac Energy Mixed Funspiel, which will begin here at the Cornwall Curling Club on Friday, January 11, 2019;  followed by the full schedule and team rosters as well as rules for the spiel. There are 22 teams playing this year.

Friday, January 11 5:30PM

Ice 1

 T Dunn, Linda, Frank, Lloyd  vs  D Kelly, L Kelly, G Younker, A MacIntosh 

Ice 2

Bryan S, E Reid, Elaine M, D Campbell  vs  R Biagé, S Woods, R Doiron, J Hannan 

Ice 3

P Durant, J Durant, E Murphy, J Anderson  vs  Gloria, Kimball, Ruth, Adrian


7:00 PM

Ice 1

A Kennedy, S Christian, S Christian, Donna Marie  vs  K Nicholson, A Acorn, D Howlett, M Proude

Ice 2

S Berry, B Gardiner, S O’Keefe, D MacSwain  vs  K Holland, A Kelly, D Godfrey, TBA

Ice 3

M MacDonald, Breanne, Kaitlyn, Garth  vs  B Irving, A Sanderson, J Oram, A Irving

Ice 4

L Davies, A Davies, A Mason, M Davies  vs  G Groves, J Sinclair, G O’Sullivan, D O’Hanley

8:30 PM

Ice 1

D Kneabone, S MacInnis, J Diamond, D Kneabone  vs   D Weeks, C MacDonald, J Gill, S MacLean

Ice 2

J Callaghan, L Gallant, George P, Gloria T  vs  H Kamphuis, P Ling, G Dykerman, P McInnis

Ice 3

R Gallant, Kellie-Lynn, H Wicki, Chris  vs  L Cudmore, K Nickerson, L Nickerson, M Cudmore

Ice 4

G Robertson, L Arsenault, J Arsenault, L Matthews  vs  K Currie, D Bernard, J Scales, D Bernard


                            Ice 1      Ice 2      Ice 3       Ice 4 

Fri  5:30              10-14    4-8         2-3         X

Fri  7:00              12-16    5-22      1-9         17-18

Fri  8:30              19-21    7-11      6-13      15-20                                                       

Sat  8:30             1-22      12-14    16-18    X

Sat  10:00           8-13      10-15    5-19      4-11

Sat  11:30           3-6         9-21      17-20    2-7

Sat  12:00           Lunch   

Sat  1:00             Lunch (11:30 curlers) and  Ice maintenance .

Sat  1:30             9-15      13-19    11-14    X

Sat  3:00             4-5         2-17      10-12    1-21

Sat  4:30             7-20       3-18      8-22    6-16

Sat  6:30             Catered dinner upstairs.


#1          Mark MacDonald, Breanne, Kaitlyn, Garth

#2          Paul Durant, Joanne Durant, Eugene Murphy, Jean Anderson

#3          Gloria, Kimball, Ruth, Adrian

#4          Bryan S, Etta Reid, Elaine M, Doug Campbell

#5          Shirley Berry, Brad Gardiner, Stephanie O’Keefe, David  MacSwain

#6          Rob Gallant, Kellie-Lynn, Hans Wicki, Chris

#7          Joe Callaghan, Lacey Gallant, George P, Gloria T

#8          Ray Biagé, Shelly Woods, R Doiron, J Hannan

#9          Brent Irving, Angela Sanderson, Jay Oram, Amanda Irving

#10        Tom Dunn, Linda, Frank, Lloyd

#11        Hank Kamphuis, Paula Ling, Gerald Dykerman, Pat McInnis

#12        Angus Kennedy, Shelly Christian, Scott Christian, Donna Marie

#13        Larry Cudmore, Kim Nickerson, Lee Nickerson, Maureen Cudmore

#14        Doug Kelly, Laurie Kelly, George Younker, Amanda MacIntosh

#15        Greg Robertson, Laura Arsenault, Jeff Arsenault, Linda Matthews

#16        Kim Nicholson, Alan Acorn, Darlene Howlett, Marlene Proude

#17        Lorianne Davies, Angus Davies, Alan Mason, Megan Davies

#18        Greg Groves, Jean Sinclair, Gary O’Sullivan, David O’Hanley

#19        Danny Kneabone, S MacInnis, Jamie Diamond, Darlene Kneabone

#20        Karen Currie, Danny Bernard, Julie Scales, Donna Bernard

#21        Donald Weeks, Coleen MacDonald, Joe Gill, Sara MacLean

#22        Kyle Holland, Annika Kelly, Donnie Godfrey, TBA

Bonspiel Rules

Scoring:       5 points for a win  (0 for a loss)   plus

                     1 point per end  (0 for blank end)   plus

                          Score differential (maximum 5 points)

Ties must be broken by Skips draw to the button (with sweepers)

Cumulative totals for all 3 games will be used to determine winners

Scores will be recorded but only used in the event of a tie in points (sum of 3 game scores for each team)

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