Our Men’s Club Ch’ship: results from Draw 2 – MacDonald leads with 2-0 record

Results from Draw 2:

Team MacDonald 8
Team Kennedy 3

MacDonald started fast again with a steal of 3 in the 1st. Kennedy answered back with 2 in the 2nd. MacDonald pulled away by scoring singles in the 5th, 6th and 7th before running Kennedy out of rocks in the 8th.

Team Arsenault 6
Team Gallant 2

Both teams traded singles with hammer in the first two ends. Arsenault pulled away with a steal of 2 in the 3rd and another 1 in the 4th. Gallant had several chances to get back in the game but couldn’t capitalize.

Draw 3 (Saturday, 2 pm) features Team MacDonald (2-0) vs Team Gallant (0-2) and Team Arsenault (1-1) vs Team Kennedy (1-1).

Photo (Team Arsenault vs Team Gallant game)
Rob Gallant (Team Gallant) calls a shot while Paul Arsenault (Team Arsenault) looks on.

Photo Team MacDonald vs Team Kennedy game)
Hans Wicki (Team Kennedy) delivers while Chris MacDougall and Angus Davies prepare to sweep.

Playoff games, if required, will be played on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm and Sunday morning at 9:00 am.
Men’s line-ups:
Team Arsenault: Skip Paul Arsenault, Mate Ron Giggey, Second Al Acorn and Lead Edgar Coffin;
Team MacDonald: Skip Mark MacDonald, Mate Brad Gardiner, Second Wayne Goodwin and Lead Garth Cudmore;
Team Gallant; Skip Robert Gallant, Mate Joe Callaghan, Second Jeff Hannam and Lead Gary O’Sullivan; and
Team Kennedy: Skip Angus Kennedy, Mate Angus Davies, Second Hans Wicki, Lead Chris MacDougall.
Team Nicholson, consisting of Skip Kim Nicholson, Mate Jean Sinclair, Second Darlene Howlett and Lead Dena Farrell will advance to the Provincials on the Women’s side.
Team Nicholson and the winning men’s team advance to the Provincial Curling Club Championships, which will take place February 22-26 at the Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary.
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