Monday evening draws (6:30 is playing the stormed-out Dec. 17 draw)

Monday Night Mixed

Pizza Delight (Cornwall)

(From Dec 17, 2018)

Feb 11, 2019 at 6:30pm

Ice 1: P. Neima, G. Turner, D. MacSwain, D. Campbell vs F. Martin, D. Weeks, C. MacDougall, I. Marzari

Ice 2: K. Currie, K. Pippy, J. Hannam, D. Musto vs D. Kneabone, F. Weiler, C.MacDonald, C. Peters

Ice 3: A. Davies, M. MacDonald, C. Soltermann, S. MacLean vs B. Sutherland, B. Gardner, H. Pierce, A. MacIntosh

Ice 4: R. Biagé, C. Hodgson, R. Neumeyer, B. Lindsay vs G. Groves, S. O’Keefe, M. Davies, S. Campbell

Bye: L. Davies, D. Sigsworth, E. MacDonald, L. Gallant

Monday Night Commercial League

Feb 11, 2019 at 8:30pm

Ice 1: Glasgow Glen vs Airport Authority

Ice 2: Fair Isle Ford vs The Grove

Ice 3: Hunter’s Ale House vs Dykstra Farm

Ice 4: Cannon Consulting vs KJL Meats

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