Cornwall’s MacLean, and Snow from the Silver Fox, advance to U16 finals


File photo: Team Snow

There is one round robin game left in the three-team Boy’s section, and the first place team, the Brayden Snow foursome from the host club, has already been determined, as they have finished the double round-robin with a perfect 4-0 win-loss record and can’t be caught by either of the other teams.

Team MacMillan puts a rock in the four-foot in action at the U16 (Photo from Twitter @CurlMacMillan)

The Chase MacMillan team from the Charlottetown Curling Complex has a 1-2 win-loss record, while the Samuel Shaw foursome from Montague sits at 0-3, so if MacMillan wins their game at 10 am, he will advance to the 2 pm final against Snow. If Shaw wins, they will both have 1-3 records, so tiebreaking rules would come into effect. They would each have won one game and lost one against the other team, so head to head records cannot be used, and cumulative last stone draw results would come into play to determine who advances to the final.

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