Timers and other volunteers needed for PEI Under 18, coming up March 8-11

The provincial Under 18 Curling Championships are coming up from Friday March 8 through Monday March 11 at our Club. The defending champion Lauren Ferguson and Mitchell Schut rinks from here in Cornwall will be back from the Canada Games looking to defend their titles against two other junior men’s teams (Cornwall native Chase MacMillan and his Charlottetown team, and the Brayden Snow foursome from Summerside), while all five of the junior women’s teams are from Cornwall (the other skips are Rachel MacLean, Emily Sanderson, Sydney Howatt and Clara Jack). The winning teams will advance to the Canadian Under 18 Boys and Girls Curling Championships, April 2-7, 2019 at the Glen Allan Recreation Complex in Sherwood Park, Alta. (Website)

We will require people to help set up on Thursday, March 7 at 12 noon, and will need people to make sandwiches on Friday the 8th at 12 noon and again on Saturday the 9th at 10 am.
We will require experienced timers for every game of every draw (22 in total).
We will also require one person per draw to sell 50/50 tickets, one to do the online scoring, and one to look after baking the cookies we will be selling.

Here is a chart showing draw times and sheets used (junior men’s games are numbered or start with “M”, junior women’s use letters or start with “W”, some of the championship round games may not be needed)

The signup sheet is now up on the board by the Manager’s office. We would really appreciate if you could help us out!

Date Time Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
Mar 8 2pm 1     B A
6pm 2 D C 1  
Mar 9 10am 3   2 E F
2pm 4 G H   3
6pm 5   I 4 J
Mar 10 10am 6 5   K  
2pm 7   L 6  
Mar 11 10am 8   MA   WA
2pm 9   WB   MB
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