Tuesday evening competitive league – Playoff round set



 The main round has wrapped up at the Tuesday Night Competitive League, sponsored by Upstreet  Craft Brewing. Not all teams are participating in the next round due to other commitments or warmer climates.

We will attempt to rent the spare sheets of ice, so teams are requested not to change their draw slots.



Team Mar 5 Mar 12 Mar 19 Mar 26
1.  M. MacDonald        
2.  S. Howatt        
3.  M. Schut        
4.  B. Spence        
5.  S. Berry        



            SECTION   B


Team Mar 5 Mar 12 Mar 19 Mar 26
1.  A. Kennedy        
2.  B. Hope        
3.  P. Durant        
4.  D. Rhodenhizer        
5.  S. Hope        



 *  Crossover games


                               ice 1                         ice 2                       ice 3                                ice 4

March 5th       

   6:30 pm                       Club rental      MacDonald vs Howatt              Schut vs Spence           Durant vs Rhodenhizer

   8:30 pm                                                Kennedy vs B. Hope               Berry vs S. Hope *


March 12th      

   6:30 pm             S. Hope vs Rhodenhizer   B Hope vs Spence    *           Club rental                            Kennedy vs Durant             

   8:30 pm                                                    Schut vs Macdonald                                      Berry vs Howatt         


March 19th      

   6:30 pm                  B. Hope vs S Hope     MacDonald vs Durant *            Rhodenhizer vs Berry *   Club rental

   8:30 pm                                                  Spence vs Kennedy *            Howatt vs Schut


March 26th      

    6:30 pm                     Club rental              Berry vs Schut                    Rhodenhizer vs Howatt *    S. Hope vs Kennedy      

    8:30 pm                                                     B. Hope vs Durant MacDonald vs Spence

It is difficult to change times evenly as the sections have cross-over games and the club wants to rent the ice for the early draw.  Please read the times carefully for each draw.  Good Luck! 



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