Maritime Stick Ch’ships start Friday morning here at the Cornwall Curling Club: updated with player 1st names

The 2019 Maritime Stick Curling Championship, featuring the top teams from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island in the 2 person sport of Stick Curling, takes place March 15-17 here at the Cornwall Curling Club, There are two divisions – Open (any combination of male and/or female) and Women (female curlers only), and two pools of six teams per division. Live results will be available at

Live results at:!/competitions/4501

Event Website:

2019 Maritime Stick Championship Pools

Open Pool AMark Stewart/ Dodi Stewart NB
Bill Power/Howard Kerwin PE
Chuck Dyke/Jim Burgess NS
John Marshall/Lowell Jenkins NS
Roddie MacLean/ Paul Field PE
Vince Fisher/Paul Arsenault PE
Open Pool BSteve Murray/Harold Smallwood NB
Mike Minns/ Rendell Gard NB
Dave MacDougal/ John Cameron NS
Haylett Clarke/ Alison Munro NS
Doug Campbell/Joe Gill PE
Gordon MacDonald/Bazil Higginbotham PE
Women Pool CSherill Minns/Sue Harris NB
Winnie MacArthur/Carole Munro PE
Doreen Densmore/Caroline Belliveau NS
Denise Pray/Betty Mattson NS
Etta Reid/Elaine Hughes PE
Ann Barwise/Audrey Callaghan PE
Women Pool DBarb Hallett/ Ann Orser NB
Phyllis Stretch/Joan Doiron PE
Pauline Bullerwell/ Diane Mallinson NS
Patti Simpson/ Lynn Doucette NS
Myrna Craswell/ Myrna Sanderson PE
Ruth Stavert/Gloria Clarke PE


Maritime Stick Curling Championship Official Draw

Friday March 15              

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
 9:00 am MacLean/ Field vs Dyke/ Burgess            Stewart/ Stewart vs Fisher/ Arsenault Kerwin/Power  vs Marshall/ Jenkins Campbell/Gill vs MacDougal/ Cameron
10:20 am Murray/ Smallwood vs MacDonald/ Higginbotham Minns/ Gard vs Clarke/ Munro Minns/ Harris vs Barwise/ Callaghan MacArthur/ Munro vs Pray/ Mattson
11:40 am Densmore/ Belliveau vs Reid/ Hughes Kerwin/ Power vs MacLean/ Field Fisher/ Arsenault vs Dyke/ Burgess Marshall/ Jenkins vs Stewart/ Stewart
  1:30 pm Campbell/ Gill vs Minns/ Gard MacDonald/ Higginbotham vs MacDougal/ Cameron Bullerwell/ Mallinson vs Craswell/ Sanderson Clarke/ Munro vs Murray/ Smallwood
  2:50 pm Minns/ Harris vs Pray/ Mattson Simpson/ Doucette vs Stretch/ Doiron MacArthur/ Munro vs Reid/ Hughes Hallett/ Orser vs Clarke/ Stavert
  4:30 pm Power/ Kerwin vs Fisher/ Arsenault Dyke/ Burgess vs Stewart/ Stewart Marshall/ Jenkins vs MacLean/ Field Barwise/ Callaghan vs Densmore/ Belliveau
  5:50 pm Minns/ Gard vs MacDonald/ Higginbotham Clarke/ Stavert vs Bullerwell/ Mallinson Simpson/ Doucette vs Hallett/ Orser Stretch/ Doiron vs Sanderson/ Craswell
  7:30 pm Banquet       and   Meeting  

Saturday March 16

 9:00 am Simpson/ Doucette vs Craswell/ Sanderson Densmore/ Belliveau vs Minns/ Harris MacDougal/ Cameron vs Murray/ Smallwood Clarke/ Munro vs Campbell/ Gill
10:20 am MacArthur/ Munro vs Barwise/ Callaghan Bullerwell/ Mallinson vs Hallett/ Orser Stretch/ Doiron vs Clarke/ Stavert Pray/ Mattson vs Reid/ Hughes
11:40 am Stewart/ Stewart vs MacLean/ Field Marshall/ Jenkins vs Fisher/ Arsenault Dyke/ Burgess vs Power/ Kerwin MacDougal/ Cameron vs Minns/ Gard
  1:30 pm Murray/ Smallwood vs Campbell/ Gill MacDonald/ Higginbotham vs Clarke/ Munro Hallett/ Orser vs Craswell/ Sanderson Simpson/ Doucette vs Clarke/ Stavert
  2:50 pm Mallinson/ Bullerwell vs Stretch/ Doiron Barwise/ Callaghan vs Pray/ Mattson Minns/ Harris vs Reid/ Hughes Densmore/ Belliveau vs MacArthur/ Munro
  4:10 pm MacDougal/ Cameron vs Clarke/ Munro Murray/ Smallwood vs Minns/ Gard Campbell/Gill vs MacDonald/ Higginbotham Craswell/ Sanderson vs Clarke/ Stavert
  6:00 pm Dyke/ Burgess vs Marshall/ Jenkins Hallett/ Orser vs Stretch/ Doiron Bullerwell/ Mallinson vs Simpson/ Doucette Stewart/ Stewart vs Power/ Kerwin
  7:30 pm Densmore/ Belliveau vs Pray/ Mattson Minns/ Harris vs MacArthur/ Munro MacLean/ Field  vs Fisher/ Arsenault Reid/ Hughes vs Barwise/ Callaghan

Tiebreakers 9:20 pm Saturday night and/or 8:30 Sunday morning

Sunday March 17

 9:30/10:00 am QF  2nd A vs 3rd B QF 3rd A vs 2nd B QF 2nd C vs 3rd D QF 3rd C vs 2nd D
11:00/11:30 am Winner Sheet 3 vs Winner Pool D Winner Sheet 4 vs Winner Pool C Winner Sheet 1 vs Winner Pool B Winner Sheet 2 vs Winner Pool A
 1:30/2:00 pm   Final Open Final Women  


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