Red wins Leary’s Independent Grocer Closing Spiel again (updated with pictures)!

Once again Team Red wins, but things were definitely closer than the last few years…it was a nail biter for sure!

Well another closing spiel has wrapped up. The Leary’s Independent Grocer Red vs. Blue Spiel has come to an end with a victory for the Red team!  Using the Skins format again this year, the Friday night draw ended with both teams tied! The Red Team overtook the Blue Team in the end though!

Throughout the weekend there were a few ways to earn bonus points. Friday night word games were played and Saturday was all about team challenge activities!  Lots of fun was had by all who participated and the energy in the room was contagious!

Amanda (right)

At the end of the day, Shirley Berry took home $100, half of the Draw to the Button sign-up fees . The 50/50 was drawn by Jen Lenentine with Amanda MacIntosh taking home $105.


The reverse draw for a membership was held again this year and Gerald Dykerman was the big winner.

Paul (right) with organizer Lacey Gallant

A prize was awarded to our best-dressed member, Paul Neima of the Blue Team (not the first time he has won this!)

There was no shortage of food on the weekend. Friday night curlers were treated to lots of finger foods as well as entertainment from the band, Just Cuz.  Saturday we enjoyed muffins, sweet loaves and biscuits for breakfast from Mary’s Bakery and lunch was barbecued burgers and sausages.

After the last of the stones were thrown for the year, we headed upstairs for our amazing beef dinner prepared by Alan Carmichael.  After dinner, our Club President, Gary O’Sullivan presented the prizes and thanked organizers, members, club staff, and all our many volunteers! He was not exaggerating saying that this had been a great season, and inviting everyone to attend the annual Golf Tournament.

Top team (L-R): Hans Wicki, Bryan Sutherland, Jen Lenentine, Gerald Dykerman

2nd place (by a draw): Angus Kennedy, Myrna Sanderson, George Piercey

The awards ceremony started then with 1st prize to the Spiel Champs, taking first place for Team Red, Team Bryan Sutherland (by a draw after a tie with Team Angus Kennedy), who were given the first pick from the table, then on to the highest amount of skins being won by the Team Blue (a tie) Team Greg Groves and Team Joe Callaghan. All other teams were then called up in order of skins they had won to choose from the prize table.

Laurie and I would like to extend a special thank you to Ray Biage for doing up the Teams & Draws for this event and Derek MacEwen for his computer expertise! We know Draw Master is not an easy Job! Thanks! Also thanks to our Banker, Carlene Peters, nothing got by her!  

As always there are many thanks to pass along and in fear of forgetting someone we would like to just thank all those who helped out even if you didn’t think what you did was a big job it was to us as organizers. All the little things really add up to something Big!  So a big Thank you to all our Volunteers!!! Lastly to our sponsor Leary’s Independent Grocer it’s great to have your support thanks so much!!!

We hope everyone enjoys their summer off and look forward to doing it all over again next year!

  • Organizers Lacey Gallant & Laurie Kelly

Here is an album of photos from the event, courtesy of Lacey and Amanda. Click to enlarge.

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