Recap of Draw Winners

Here are the Draw winners for the season that have been sent to us. Thanks to our generous sponsors and congrats to all the award winners!

Monday evening Mixed

Congratulations to the winners of round one of our Monday evening single-entry mixed, who received gift certificates from sponsor Montana’s BBQ and Bar: Lorianne Davies, Donald Weeks, Rick Neumeyer,  and Donna Musto.
L-R: Donald Weeks, Lorianne Davies, Donna Musto, Rick Neumeyer

Kneabone rink wins Leary’s Independent Grocer Monday Night round 3 draw

(L-R): Danny Kneabone, Gloria Turner, Megan Davies, Amanda MacIntosh

Tuesday night round robin winners (updated with pictures)

Congratulations to the winners of the Tuesday night Competitive League Round Robin portion:
Veronica Smith rink (L-R): Veronica Smith, Jane DiCarlo, Sabrina Smith, Whitney Jenkins
First: Veronica Smith team

Kennedy rink (L-R): Angus Kennedy, Brent Irving, Robert Deziel, Angela Sanderson

Second: Angus Kennedy rink

Third: Paul Durant foursome (photos not available): Paul Durant, Danny Kneabone, Larry Nigh, Carl Currie

Everyone received gift cards along with a promo item from sponsor Upstreet Craft Brewing
(Photos courtesy of Jane DiCarlo)


Kneabone rink are daytime champs!

The Danny Kneabone rink are the winners of the Cornwall Curling Club’s Wednesday Daytime League, sponsored by Lance “The Iceman” Lowther, which wrapped up this afternoon. The winning team, which includes skip Danny Kneabone, third Karen Currie, second Al MacCormac, and lead Roger DesRoches, had a record of 12 wins and two losses for the season.

(L-R): Lance “The Iceman” Lowther, Roger DesRoches. Danny Kneabone, Al MacCormac. Missing from photo is Karen Currie

Ebbett and Nicholson teams win Wed. evening Ladder League final round

The Wednesday evening Ladder League wrapped up for the season tonight, with the Shelley Ebbett team winning the A pool and the Kim Nicholson team taking the B for round three.

Shelley is curling in the Canadian Masters in Saskatoon, and Colleen Soltermann was also not curling this week, so team members Paulette Richard and Kim Pippy had a couple of spares for the final night, but will ensure that the gift certificates from Clow’s Red and White get to their rightful owners. Going into the final night, both Ebbett and Rachael MacLean were tied in number of wins, and both won their games tonight, so we looked at head to head results. Ebbett beat MacLean in their round robin encounter and took the gift certificates.

Left to right: Mike MacDonald, Paulette Richard, Kim Pippy, Terry MacCormac

In the B pool, first place was a battle between the Kim Nicholson and Josh MacInnis rinks, who, as it happened were playing each other. Kim picked up the win and the gift certificates and notepad from New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.

Left to right: Darlene Howlett, Kim Nicholson, Jean Sinclair. Missing: Dena Farrell

Thanks to everyone who curled in our Ladder League again this year!

Thanks also to our round 3 sponsors, Clow’s Red and White, and New Glasgow Lobster Suppers!

Josh McInnis and Ray Biagé rinks win Wed. Ladder League Round Two

Although both teams lost their final game, the Josh McInnis and Ray Biagé teams won the Wendy’s “A” pool and Lowther’s Snow Removal “B” pool, respectively, as round two wrapped up this week in the Wednesday evening Ladder League. Both teams had only two losses in the round.

(L-R): Bob Deziel, Jesse Kennedy, Mitch Dunphy, Josh McInnis

Last round’s “A” winner, the Shelley Ebbett team, had the same win-loss record as the McInnis rink, but lost to them in their round robin encounter, so they missed out on the Wendy’s gift certificates from sponsor D.P. Murphy Inc.

The Biagé team won the “B” pool thanks to Mark MacDonald, who picked up a win over Rachel MacLean in a final-night battle of second-place teams. Had MacLean won, she would have taken the first place prize from sponsor Lowther’s Snow Removal (gift certificates for the Cornwall Curling Club), as she and Biagé would have had the same record (two losses), and she had beaten Biagé in their round robin match. Since the Biagé foursome had beaten the MacDonald team in their game, they won the round via the head-to-head results.

(L-R): Ray Biagé, Rick Doiron, Rebecca Rolfe, Derek MacEwen

Ebbett, Sanderson rinks win Wednesday Ladder League round one

Round one of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League concluded Wednesday evening, with the Shelley Ebbett rink winning the “A” Pool, and the Emily Sanderson rink taking the “B”. The Ebbett rink and the Kim Nicholson team were tied going into their final game, against each other, but Ebbett, and her team of Kim Pippy and Paulette Richard, helped out by Joe Callaghan who was sparing for Colleen Soltermann, were on their game this evening, and picked up the win. The Sanderson team were leading by a couple of games and had secured the B Pool top spot before tonight’s match. Other members of the team are Emma Coffin, Kaylee Stewart, and AnnaMaria MacDonald. The Ebbett team won $25 Cornwall Curling Club gift certificates, courtesy of sponsor Lowther’s Snow Removal, while the Sanderson squad won $20 gift certificates for Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant.

(Right to Left) A Pool winners Shelley Ebbett, Paulette Richard, and Kim Pippy. Missing from photo is Colleen Soltermann

(Right to Left): B Pool winners Emily Sanderson, Emma Coffin, Kaylee Stewart, and AnnaMaria MacDonald.


Beck rink wins final Thursday evening draw of the season

The final Thursday evening draw of the season, sponsored by Griffin’s Towing and Service Centre, wrapped up tonight, with the rink of Melody Beck, Doug Kelly, Len Cudmore and Amanda MacIntosh receiving the sponsor prizes. Thanks to the players and organizers for another great season of Thursday evening curling!

(L-R):  Melody Beck, Doug Kelly, Len Cudmore, and Amanda MacIntosh 



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