Shotgun start rosters for Saturday’s Golf Tourney at Countryview

Here is the “shotgun” start (all teams start at once, from separate holes) for the Cornwall Curling Club’s 19th annual 9 Hole Best Ball golf tournament at Countryview Golf Club, Route 19 in Fairview. All players are required to be there by 8:30 am this Saturday, June 15, to review the rules and allow time to make your way to your respective tees by 9 am tee-off time. Current forecast for Saturday is for a comfortable 18 degree high and only a 30% chance of showers.

If you can’t make it or want to be added to the Spare list, contact Gary O’Sullivan at or 902-388-0592. 

Here are the rules from previous years (always subject to change):

This is a 9 hole  “best ball” scramble format, which means you have to use two tee shots from each player before you reach the 9th hole. Each player will tee off, and you will then decide whose shot to use for that hole. Following the tee shot, each player will hit from where the “best” ball from the team landed, and you will continue to do this until a ball is in the hole.

Special 9th hole rules :

Since it is the “9”th hole, you will only be using a 9 iron until it’s time to putt. When you reach the 9th hole, you will have to choose which player will hit off the tee (with a 9 iron). Players will then shoot in turn (with 9 irons) until you are on the green. Once you are on the green, you will go back to the best ball “scramble” format. When putting, you are required to use the designated putter, which is a curling broom! You must putt with the broom brush side down. Please leave the broom at the side of the green for the next team.

As well as overall winners and door prizes (you have to be present at draw time to win these) there will be prizes for closest to the pin, longest drive, and 9th hole.

Cornwall Curling Club Scramble 15 June 2019
Shotgun Start 0900 hrs
Hole 1 Gary O’Sullivan       Hole 6      
  David Younker              
  Marg Stewart              
  Jean Anderson              
Hole 2 Kim Nicholson       Hole 7      
  Jean Sinclair              
  Darlene Howlett              
  Rob Gallant              
Hole 3 Chris MacDougall       Hole 8 John Berry    
  Sharon Campbell         Shirley Berry    
  Roy Coffin         Kimball Blanchard    
  Arleen Harris         Donald Weeks    
Hole 4 Greg Groves       Hole 9 Brent Irving    
  Lori Fitzpatrick         Angela Sanderson    
  Jamie Fitzpatrick         George Younker    
  Derek MacEwen         Alan Mason    
          Ladies Closest to the Pin Hole 2  
Hole 5 Bill Hope       Men’s Longest Drive Hole 4    
  Sandy Hope       Ladies Longest Drive Hole 7    
  George Piercey       Men’s Closest to the Pin Hole 8  
  Rebecca Rolfe       Hole 9 Special Putter    
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  1. Thank you Gary for keeping us up to date’ with the golf game.Hope to see everyone on Saturday.Thank You.