Tuesday evening Competitive League (Updated)

This Tuesday is an “Ice Breaker” practice night for the Tuesday Evening Competitive League. The round-robin draw will be posted in advance of next week’s League play.

Here is the Ice Breaker draw:

Tuesday Night Competitive League

Ice Breaker

22 October 2019

6:45 pm

Sheet 1                                 Sheet 2                                 Sheet 3                                 Sheet 4

Rhodenhizer vs Berry     vanOuwerkerk vs Schut   B Hope vs Spence            Durant vs Ferguson


8:45 pm

Kennedy vs MacLean      McInnis vs Creighton     S Hope vs O’Rourke        MacDonald vs Shaw

Please note that draw times for this league this year are 6:45 and 8:45 (other leagues are 6:30 and 8:30) in order to allow time to scrape the ice before the first draw.


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