Teams set for Round One after Wed. Ladder League Qualifier Night

It was a great start to the Wednesday evening ladder league, with some closely-fought matches last night. In the early draw, it took three draw-to-the-button attempts before the Peter Joostema rink got one touching the button to advance to the A pool in their game against Greg Groves. Mark MacDonald won over Greg Robertson in another close game, while new (to us) curler Landon Warder, down a couple of curlers for opening night, picked up a win over the Clara Jack junior rink with the help of spare Sharon Campbell. Kelly Watts, with Joe Callaghan sparing for Paula Ling, won over Kellie-Lynn Younker and her new team. 

In the late draw, Josh McInnis advanced to the A pool with a win over the Hank Kamphuis rink, who were a man short for opening night, Kim Nicholson beat Dave Younker, and it came down to the last rock in a very evenly-matched contest between the Paul Neima and Rob Gallant rinks. Gallant had that rock and made the shot for the win.

Here are the teams for Round One. The draw/schedule will be posted in the next couple of days.
The B pool will have the early draw next week, as they had the late draw the final week of last season (apologies to the A pool teams that have two 8:30 weeks in a row!).

Note that each week there will be a crossover game between the two pools. This game will always be at 6:30 on ice 4, so, when the schedule is out, pay attention to which of your games is the crossover to avoid showing up at 8:30 for a 6:30 game

Pool A skips:

Mark MacDonald, Landon Warder, Peter Joostema, Kelly Watts, Josh McInnis, Kim Nicholson, Rob Gallant

Pool B skips: 

Greg Robertson, Clara Jack, Greg Groves, Kellie-Lynn Younker, Hank Kamphuis, Dave Younker, Paul Neima


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