Upstreet Craft Brewing Tuesday night draw. Note: Seeking one more team!

Here is the first round draw for the Tuesday Evening Competitive League, sponsored by Upstreet Craft Brewing.

Note that there are currently 15 teams signed up, so there will be a weekly bye. The league would like to have a full draw of sixteen teams to eliminate the bye. If you would like to put a team into this competitive league, contact our manager at

Description of draw: find your team and the date you are playing. The ice number is designated for 2 teams to play on that sheet of ice. For example: On Oct 29 in the Do Gooder Division, O’Rourke plays on ice #3 against Creighton, Schut against Spence on ice #4, McInnis against MacDonald on ice #2 and MacLean against Rhodenhizer on ice #1.
The BYE game (Commons Division) sheet is reserved for the team playing against the BYE for practice time, so DO NOT change your game to that time as we are still looking for a new team to fill the slot.
Notice the ice time rotates from 8:45pm to 6:45pm each week. This allows for consistency and equal early and late draws.
At the end of this round we will reset the teams according to points gained (TBA) during this round and start round 2 on Dec. 17.

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