Updating Ch’ship Plaques – we need your help!

As you have probably noticed, we have a number of Championship Plaques at the Club entrance (at the playground end), that need updating with provincial and national champions, starting at the 2013-2014 season. We have gone through our year-end wrapups, and have compiled a list, and would appreciate if you could let us know of any that are missing or need corrections. 

Send updates to cornwallcurling@eastlink.ca Please include: Name of Event won, Year of Event won, and Team Members

2013-2014 Season

Provincial Pepsi Junior Women’s champs (repeat winners):

 Veronica Smith, Chloe McCloskey, Sabrina Smith, Katie Fullerton, coach Bill Hope

PEI Masters Women’s: Shirley Berry, Sandy Hope, Arleen Harris, Evelyn Rogerson

Open Division PEI Stick Curling Champions Roddie MacLean and John Dennis
Women’s Division Stick Curling Champions Elaine Hughes and Etta Reid

O’Connor Glass Provincial Under 16 boys winners – the Donald DeWolfe rink:
Nick Johnston, Cameron Jenkins, Avery Wells, Donald DeWolfe, coach Aleya Quilty

The James Dalton rink, which included Cornwall members Lauren Lenentine and Breanne Burgoyne, won the U21 division of the Advantage Communications Provincial Junior Mixed: James Dalton, Lauren Lenentine, Matthew MacDonald, Breanne Burgoyne, coach Kelly MacDonald

2014-2015 season

Provincial Championships

Junior Women’s: Veronica Smith team (third consecutive championship)
Veronica Smith, Chloe McCloskey, Sabrina Smith, Katie Fullerton, coach Bill Hope  

Travelers Women’s winners – Lisa Jackson rink:  Lisa Jackson, Carolyn Coulson, Melissa Morrow, Jodi Murphy  (won Canadian Ch’ship the following November)

Advantage Comm Jr. Mixed: Veronica Smith rink from Cornwall and Crapaud (I think Tyler was only Crapaud member):  Veronica Smith, Tyler Smith, Emily Gray, Tyson Smith, coach Paul Smith  

Provincial Mixed Champions – team member Chloe McCloskey on Charlottetown rink:  Eddie MacKenzie,   Chloé McCloskey, Tyler MacKenzie,  Megan Wile 

Provincial Senior Women’s Champs – Shirley Berry team:  Butch McGee (coach), Shirley Berry, Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Arleen Harris  

Provincial Mixed Doubles champion – Katie Fullerton (Cornwall) and Kyle Holland (Ch’town)

PEI Masters Women’s Champs – Shirley Berry rink:  Butch McGee (coach), Shirley Berry, Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Arleen Harris  

Provincial Stick Open Division winners: Barry Craswell, Sterling Stratton
Provincial Stick Women’s Div. winners: Gloria Clarke, Ruth Stavert

Provincial U16 boy’s champs: Donald DeWolfe rink:  Donald DeWolfe, Jacob Wilkins, Logan Maker, Nick Johnston, coach Lori Robinson

Provincial U13 champs – Mitchell Schut team:  Mitchell Schut (skip), Liam Kelly (3rd), Michael MacEwen (2nd) and lead David Drake, with coach Nancy Yeo  

2015-2016 season


Cornwall’s Lisa Jackson, Melissa Morrow, Carolyn Coulson, and Lisa Jackson rink won the Canadian Travelers Women’s Championship, Cornwall’s first-ever Canadian title in a Curling Canada event. They also recorded the first-ever eight-ender in ANY Curling Canada canadian championship.


Cornwall’s Sabrina Smith, along with Kyle Holland from Charlottetown are PEI’s Mixed Doubles champs.
The Matthew MacLean, Alan MacLean, Noah O’Connor, Jordan MacLean with coach Glen MacLean team from O’Leary and Cornwall (O’Connor) won the Pepsi PEI Junior Men’s
Cornwall’s Katie Fullerton, Chloé McCloskey, Sabrina Smith, Aleya Quilty with coach Bill Hope win Pepsi PEI Junior Women’s

Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Debbie Rhodenhizer, Arleen Harris with coach Bill Hope win PEI Masters Women’s.

The Veronica Smith, Tyler Smith, Sabrina Smith, and Dylan Lowery rink from the Crapaud and Cornwall curling clubs won the PEI Mixed Provincial Curling Championship

Cornwall’s Lauren Lenentine, Kristie Rogers, Lily Taweel, and Ella Lenentine team, with coach Robbie Lenentine, won the PEI U16 Girl’s Ch’ship. Mitchell Schut, Colin MacKenzie, Michael MacEwen, Liam Kelly, and coach Nancy Yeo won the  PEI U16 Boy’s’s Ch’ship
U18 at Cornwall won by Lauren Lenentine, Kaleigh Mackay, Breanne Burgoyne, and Rachel O’Connor, with coach Pat Quilty

Cornwall’s Stratton/Craswell (Open) and Clarke/Stavert (Womens) duos repeat as PEI Stick champs.

Rachel MacLean, Avery Nicholson, Davis Nicholson, Gracie Gaudet, with coaches Carl Nicholson and Brenda MacMillan went undefeated to win the KFC U13 Ch’ship

Mitchell Schut Sydney Howatt, Michael MacEwen, and Madelyn Cantwell with coach Nancy Yeo won PEI Junior Mixed U16 Division

2016-2017 season


Inaugural Canadian U18 Ch’ships – Mixed Doubles portion – Rachel O’Connor, paired with Manitoba skip Brett Walter won Gold.

Provincial level

Seniors: The Shelley Ebbett rink from Charlottetown and Cornwall won the PEI Senior Women’t title: Shelley Ebbett, Kim Pippy, Karen Hardy, Sandy Hope, coach Bill Hope (Charlottetown, Cornwall)

Women’s provincial Masters: Sandy Hope (skip), Shelley Ebbett (3rd), Debbie Rhodenhizer (2nd), Arleen Harris (lead). Bill Hope (coach)

Pepsi Juniors Women’s: Lauren Lenentine, Kristie Rogers, Breanne Burgoyne, Rachel O’Connor, coach Pat Quilty

Provincial Stick: Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert won the women’s division

Under 18 winners: Lauren Lenentine (undefeated) from Cornwall: Lauren Lenentine (skip), Kristie Rogers (3rd), Tati Kelly (2nd), Rachel O’Connor (lead), Pat Quilty (coach)
Donald Dewolfe (from Cornwall, Silver Fox, Western): Donald DeWolfe (Cornwall), Jacob Wilkins, Alex Gallant, Nick Johnston (Cornwall), coach Roger Gavin

Under 16 winners: Mitchell Schut, Nick Johnston, Michael MacEwen, Liam Kelly, coach Nancy Yeo
Under 13 Winners: Clara Jack, Beth Walsh, Aurora Ulvstal, Darrah MacLeod, coaches Aleya Quilty, Hanny MacLeod

2017-2018 Season

Lauren Lenentine wins Junior World Championship title as an alternate on the Katelyn Jones rink in Halifax.


Debbie Rhodenhizer, Nancy MacFadyen, Sandra Sobey, and Cindy Nicholson win PEI Travelers Curling Club Ch’ship Women’s title

Ella Lenentine, Ashlyn Shaw, Erika Pater, and lead Kacey Gauthier with coach Robbie Lenentine win U13 “B” Division

 Mitchell Schut, Nick Johnston, Liam Kelly, and Colin MacKenzie, with coaches Bill Hope and Lori Robinson, win PEI U18 Boy’s

Lauren Ferguson, Katie Shaw, Alexis Burris and Lexie Murray, with coach David Murphy win PEI U18 Girl’s.

2017/2018 – U16 Men’s Champion – Mitchell Schut, Liam Kelly, Sean Peric, Dylan Moase, coach Devin Schut

Lauren Ferguson from Crapaud and Cornwall, and Calvin Smith from Crapaud win PEI Mixed Doubles

Sandy Hope, with Shelley Ebbett, Debbie Rhodenhizer, and Arleen Harris with coach Bill Hope wins Women’s Masters.

Lauren Lenentine, Kristie Rogers, Breanne Burgoyne, Rachel O’Connor, and Pat Quilty (Coach) win PEI Pepsi Juniors

 Elaine Hughes and Etta Reid win the P.E.I. women’s stick curling championship
Sterling Stratton and Barry Craswell win the Open division.

Bill Hope, Craig Mackie, David Murphy, and lead Peter Murdoch, were the 2018 PEI Senior Men’s champs.
 Shirley Berry, Janice Murdoch, Arleen Harris, and Kim Nicholson rink won the Senior Women’s

2018-2019 Season

Gloria Clarke, Ruth Stavert, Elaine Hughes, and Janette Fraser won the 65-plus women’s curling division, at the 2018 Canada 55+ Games in Saint John NB

Lauren Ferguson, Katie Shaw, Alexis Burris, Lexie Murray, coach David Murphy win Pepsi Provincial Junior Women’s Ch’ship
Lauren Ferguson, Katie Shaw, Alexis Burris, Lexie Murray, coach David Murphy win Canada Games Junior Women’s Berth for PEI
Mitchell Schut, Nick Johnston, Liam Kelly, Colin MacKenzie, coach Lori Robinson win Canada Games Junior Men’s Berth for PEI
Sandy Hope, Shelley Ebbett, Debbie Rhodenhizer, Arleen Harris win PEI Masters Women’s.
Rachel MacLean, Sierra Clyke, Avery Nicholson, Izzy  Tatlock, and coach Carl Nicholson win Under 16 Girl’s title

Provincial Stick Curling:
Roddie MacLean and Paul Field win Open division
Elaine Hughes and Etta Reid win Women’s division.
Rachel O’Connor and Ryan Abraham win PEI Mixed Doubles ch’ship
U13 B Division: Ella Lenentine (skip), Ashlyn Shaw (3rd), Veronica Pater (lead), Erika Pater (2nd), Robbie Lenentine (coach)

U18 Boys: Mitchell Schut, Nick Johnston, Liam Kelly, Colin MacKenzie, coach Lori Robinson
U18 Girls: Lauren Ferguson, Katie Shaw, Alexis Burris, Lexie Murray, coach David Murphy

Mitchell Schut and Cate Fitzgerald  from NS won the Mixed Doubles gold medal at the Canadian U18 Ch’ships

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